2 years from 30

I forgot to share how amazing my husband made my birthday 2 weekends ago!

We slepppptt in (a thing I’ve learned to do–and somewhat enjoy since marrying Joel).

We opened some presents from our families and fun friends! Thank You Hurdles! Calverts! Claytons! ter Haseborgs! Vass’!

Then, Joel told me he’d planned a fun day trip to Beaufort, SC. We’d seen a beautiful framed photograph of the Old Sheldon Church Ruins at a dessert gallery here in Columbia a few months ago and said if we ever got the chance to go find that place we’d try!

Well, find he did and off we went!

How beautiful is this place?!? Such a lovely way to spend the day.

We got a little crazy and started putting our camera on the ground for some timed photos :)

And my favorite one of all…

Must. Get. Framed.

From the church we headed to dinner at…

It was a YUMMY place that had an amazing view of the waterfront!

If ever you find yourself in Beaufort walk on RUN over to Luther’s and indulge in the Crab and Shrimp Dip!

And a Black and Bleu Burger!

After dinner we walked down by the water to watch the sunset.

Then went to get some birthday cake :)

And then headed home!

What a fun celebration.

What’s your favorite birthday memory or way to celebrate?

2 thoughts on “2 years from 30”

  1. A friend of mine got married at those ruins. I didn’t get to go, but the pictures are dramatic and breathtaking. Your pics are great too. Makes me want to go down there. Happy Birthday! :)

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