2015 Goals = Life Goals

emersonIt’s January 8th and just this morning alone, I’ve broken more than half of my New Year’s Resolutions. It was a rough start to the day followed by a Panera pity party because, let’s be honest, money can’t buy you love, but $2.25 sure can buy you a lovely Cinnamon Crunch Bagel sliced and toasted with Reduced Fat Hazelnut Cream Cheese…just saying. And, that’s fine because I have set goals with GRACE and I am PUMPED for 2015. How are you feeling about the year now that we are 8 days in?

I’ve been encouraged to connect my goals to their “WHY” so that on the days when you’ve broken all your resolutions by 11:30, you can life in grace and not shame or deflating condemnation. Here are my vision and dreams for 2015:

1. Relationship with God: I want to thrive in an intimate relationship with God. I will soak up His word, adore Him for who He is and allow Him to flow out into all the areas of my life.

2. Self: I want to practice better self-care as my body ages. I will care for myself in such a way that I am connecting with my soul, nourishing my body, dealing with shame, exercising, resting well, growing, developing and intentionally living my life fully sold out to God and His plan for me. So that I will come to the end of my life and know that I faithfully stewarded all that He entrusted me with and inspired me to do.

3. Family: I want to have a marriage that is thriving, intimate, fun and meaningful. I will make #HurdlePartyof4 a healthy, fun, laughter-filled, love-tank-filled, memory-filled, Jesus-loving, therapeutic, hard-working, others-centered, friendly, grace-giving family to be a part of. So that, prayerfully, my kids will leave a greater impact for Christ than Joel and I ever could, that we may exude the Gospel to those around us. Thus enjoying the soul-satisfying joy that these moments of sheer family delight bring to the heart!

4. Home: I want a home that is healing to those inside and welcoming, nourishing and nurturing to those outside. I will live warmly, whimsically and yet precisely as a home manager, making our home a safe-haven to the people in and outside it—a place they can see Jesus, be broken, find healing, warm, healthy food and order. I will enjoy clutter-free living and eliminate distractions so that life can be lived, not managed and maintained. I will make our home a spiritual point of reference, belonging, love and laughter, a safe place my family and friends will always want to come.

5. Financials: I want to give generously, save aggressively, spend wisely on NEEDS vs. WANTS and cultivate new Ministry Partners.

6. Influence/Legacy/Ministry: I want to missionally multiply in my home, on campus, in the community and online so that my life can expose the maximum number of people to the joy of knowing Jesus so that they can turn around and expose the maximum number of people to the joy of knowing Jesus! Thus, raising up an army of people fighting for Christ when I leave this earth.

7. Curating: I want to use various forms of communication to curate the story, memories and history of our family and friends. I will capture and record the magic of the mundane, the sacred moments of daily life. I will create a logged heritage for my little people and will enjoy a creative outlet of beauty, completion and memories, in order to preserve and trophy all that God has done and allowed us to experience!

8. Summer Project: I want to follow God’s call and take our family and a team of staff and students to minister overseas.

These are nearly identical goals to the ones I set in 2014 because when it comes down to it, these are the things I want my life to be about. Tthere are a million different ways that these overarching, big picture ideals will play themselves out (and I’ve got bullet points out the wazoo to prove it!!), but I wanted to share these here with you for accountability and with the hope of spurring each other on toward love and good deeds.

What are your hopes for the New Year? Life in general? We are only 8 days in…how’s it going? Want to grab a cinnamon crunch bagel together sometime??? :)

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