Praying for Haiti

Today, I was having a pity party for myself thanks to ministry and life circumstances being hard…out of my control…and not to my liking.

And then I was sobered by the fact that I still have a cozy house, a warm pot of chicken tortilla soup on the stove and friends and family members who are healthy and safe. Above all, let’s pray for Haitians to experience the presence and power of an Almighty God.

If you would like to help provide food, water and medicine to those suffering in Haiti, below is a resource sent out by the National Director of Campus Crusade for Christ:

Friends and Family,

I’m sure you’re following the sad news regarding the earthquake that hit Haiti Tuesday evening.  Many of you, your faculty and students are asking what can be done to demonstrate the love of Christ in response to this terrible tragedy.  Obviously praying is crucial as they deal with great loss and devastation around them.  But another way you can tangibly be involved would be to give financially.  As you are interacting with your students and faculty or maybe even announcing it at your next weekly meeting, direct them to the website of Global Aid Network (GAiN), the relief and development arm of Campus Crusade for Christ.

GAiN already has containers with 1 million meals in it in Haiti and eight more containers of food and critically needed supplies ready to ship to Haiti.  GAiN’s primary need at the moment is financial resources to distribute the goods they have to the people of Haiti.  If you’d like to give, simply go to, click on “Major Earthquake Hits Haiti,” then follow the directions for giving that accompany the story.

You can also be praying for a group we are pulling together to look at how we as a Campus Ministry can best respond to this crisis.  As you can tell from the images you are seeing on tv, there is a lot of chaos.  The need right now is for trained professionals.  But in the weeks and months ahead, our hope is to find ways that that we can demonstrate the love of God to the Haitians.  So, pray that God will make it clear how He wants us to respond to this need.

Thank you so much for your leadership in this ministry and your on-going impact on this generation of university students and faculty of the world.

Mark Gauthier
US National Campus Director
Campus Crusade for Christ

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