Nothing but Net

Since we won’t be back to Dixie for a little while, we went ahead and celebrated Joel’s birthday two weeks early.

How much do you love the candle? We grew up 9-hours from each other, but that is TOTALLY a Calvert move!!

Mrs. Anita and I made our, now famous, “Pina Colada Pound Cake”. (Recipe to come!)

I added the 5 different types of flavoring and then got confused at which flavors I had added and which I hadn’t. Haha! It ended up that I  doubled the coconut flavoring and it turned out to be a delightful surprise!

Sugar & Sweetie, (Joel’s maternal grandparents), were a fun addition to the party. We love them so much and love spending time with them!

After dinner, everyone typically heads out to play a rousing game of PIG or HORSE…this family has enough people in it to fill a whole basketball team.

The best part is that though these boys try their hardest…

It’s usually one of THESE girls that wins!!

Although, I am pretty sure HE lets them win…

Basketball has become a fun tradition at the Hurdle House. We won’t ask for a show of hands for who wakes up sore the next morning. But it’s totally worth it. Nothing but net for this family!

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