Does anyone else absolutely love a good Monday? How about the 1st day of a new month? You know, a fresh start. A new page on your weekly calendar?

Okay, maybe it’s just me, but I love the potential of new beginnings.

On my 29th Birthday a friend and I put our heads together to think of things we wanted to accomplish in the new year…I complied my “30-Before-30 List”. It was exciting to think about the potential of another year of life to seize.

Well, according to the slamming surprise 30th Birthday Party that Joel & friends threw me (photos to come!), I am officially the big 3-0…which means my list has expired. Here’s what I’ve been up to…

  1. Review my mission statement on a weekly basis.
  2. Continue a consistent quiet time routine. (Worship music, prayer calendar and list, Bible study plan)
  3. Stick to my exercise plan of working out 5 times a week. (Plan the night before when I will exercise and in what form: Run, BodyFit, Blatt) As well as do my daily habit of 10 pushups, 30 bicycle crunches, and 10 squats. #fail
  4. Focus on “clean foods”. (No refined sugars/white flour/preservatives, fruits and vegetables, organics as our budget allows—continue couponing as nutritionally beneficial.) #semi-fail
  5. Meal-plan on Sunday evenings.
  6. Stick to our family budget. (Continue the Dave Ramsey “baby steps” plan.)
  7. Keep our home simple, tidy and warm. (Focus on cleaning and laundry Wednesday and Saturday. Daily wipe downs.)
  8. Quit biting my fingernails #sorta
  9. Take a date night with Joel each week. (Figure out some ways to enrich and nourish our marriage. Pray for him every day—Nancy Leigh Demoss 30-day prayer challenge. Showing loyalty as we get ready in the morning. Asking him how I can serve and encourage him. Praying at night w him instead of falling asleep.)
  10. Take a photography class.
  11. Stop watching TV except on special occasions. (Just canceled our cable!)
  12. Bake a loaf of bread from scratch.
  13. Finish reading the Bible straight through this year. (I’m in Mark)
  14. Take a sewing class.
  15. Read a book each month. (Power of a Praying Woman x2, Feminine Appeal Celebration of Disciplines, Organized Simplicity x2, Infertility:Finding God’s Peace Amidst the Journey, Red Hot Monogamy, 1,000 Gifts, God, Why?, Holding on to Hope, Hannah’s Hope)
  16. Finish my Blurb books for our home reno, wedding, years 2, 3 and 4. #springbreak2012project
  17. Take a cooking class.
  18. Gather girlfriends and go to the beach. #someday
  19. Begin a homemaker’s journal. Like this one. (Notes on my goals-personal goals, craft ideas, family/ministry goals, mission statement and booklist, daily routines, recipes, Scriptures, quotes, cleaning tips, time-stealers, weekly plan, cleaning schedule, menu plan, list of guests we’ve shown hospitality toward, meaningful ideas for conversation over meals, holiday planning, household inventory, budget/finances.)
  20. Keep the Sabbath Day holy. (Do things that re-create my soul—crafting, letter-writing, reading books & magazines, worship-walking, calling real friends, napping, de-cluttering)
  21. Show hospitality on a monthly basis. (Allow it to be a place of rest, refreshment, celebration and comfort. Give people a taste of Heaven!) Continue getting to know our neighbors through dessert/meals/gifts/stop by.
  22. Serve in our church & be connected in a community group. (Join the freaking church, serve on welcome team and bring college students.)
  23. Initiate with girlfriends here in Columbia,Charlotte and WV. #wannagohomesoon
  24. Find ways to financially bless and serve others as we are able. (Meals, time, tasks, talk) KRGZ
  25. Blog in order to show what God is doing on campus and how He is working in our lives. (Only check blogs once a night.)
  26. Clean up and back up our computer!
  27. Show real love to the girls I minister to. (Hugs, words of affirmation, an open door, gifts, service, quality time)
  28. Help seniors transition well! (Do they know how to 1.Apply the Wheel 2.Share Their Faith 3.Practice Hospitality 4.Stick to a budget 5.Lead a Bible Study)
  29. Become a mom. (Either biologically or by starting the adoption process) #THANK YOU,ADDIE :)
  30. Follow the leading of the Holy Spirit every day! NOT MY WILL BUT YOURS, LORD. #neverendingjourney

So, those were my exciting 30-Before-30 goals. It was really fun to have some “Bucket List” items to come back to all year. I still need to take some time to revamp my goals & vision for 2012. Do you have any hopes for the new year?


7 thoughts on “30-Before-30”

  1. Kitty, your bucket list says SO much about you and the things that you value in life. I was excited to see what you listed as your “30.” So many people would list things like travel around the world, bungee jump, or sky-dive–your list is fabulous–up-lifting and convicting to me. I love the way that many of your goals involve being a blessing to others. I hope you add 5 more and change it to “35 by 35” so you will continue to check them off. So glad, too, to see that it is a never-ending journey for all of us!

  2. I love you so much. Love this list- it is such an inspiration to me as I look forward to the next several years and hopefully getting to work towards many of these things myself.. and I love that you used hashtags in your blog. xoxox

  3. Kitty! Your list alone really does say so much about you. I’m so blessed to have you in my life and can’t wait to learn more from you! Thanks! :)

  4. I knew about the party even when we were emailing about 30th thoughts. :-) Forgot to ask you all about it this weekend!

    Can’t wait to hear more.

  5. You did a good job! I think I should make a 40 before 40 list and start NOW because it would take me 9 years to check it off-haha. Love your heart!

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