A Lifetime of Following Him & Loving Them


It’s the aim of our lives here at the Hurdle House. It’s also the foundation God recently challenged me to use to relaunch our blog (which was ex-communicated by our 2 new additions and the instant blogification of Instagram). And, it only made sense for it to be the theme I am using to link up to Nester’s 31 Days of Writing Challenge!

Because let’s be honest…I need a daily reminder that my mission in life is something greater than scraping scrambled eggs off the floor.

Following vs. running ahead or needing to be drug kicking and screaming

Him (Jesus Christ, King of Kings) vs. ourselves and the influences of the world

and (because we can’t follow Him without loving them)

Loving vs. fixing, controlling, avoiding, idolizing or tolerating

Them…truly everyone we come into contact with, but specifically the physical children (Adoption Story Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) and spiritual children God entrusts to us here in our home and on the college campus.

I am excited to try my hand at re-booting this space in efforts of sharing with you more of this wild adventure of following Him and loving them! Hope you’ll join me!

Day 1: A Lifetime of Following Him & Loving Them

Day 2: A Memoir of Following Him

Day 3: “The Call”

Day 4: “That Time I Almost Chickened Out” 

Day 5: “The Mystery Man” 

Day 6: “The Space Between”

Day 7: “Following Him & Living By Faith Financially”

Day 8: “Following Him & Loving Freshmen”

Day 9: “Following Him on the Hard Days

Day 10: “Following Him & Living in Community”

Day 11: “Following Him & Knocking on Doors” 

Day 12: “Success Criteria for Following Him & Loving Them” 

Day 13: “Following Him & Loving Disciples” 

Day 14: “Following Him & Feeding Disciples” 

Day 15: “Following Him & Feeding Grown-ups”

Day 16: “Following Him & Loving Him Book Giveaway!!!”

Day 17: “Following Him & Loving Him Giveaway Winner!”

Day 18: “Following Him Through Infertility

Day 19: “Following Him & Facing Our Fear” 

Day 20: Freezer Cooking

Day 21: “Following Him & Saying YES”

Day 22: “Following Him & Meeting Them”

Day 23: “Guest Post: Another Adoption Option”

Day 24: “Following Him & Loving Them When You Feel Blah.” 

Day 25: “Following Him & Necessary Endings”

Day 26: “Our Piece of the Mississippi Mud Pie” 

Day 27: “15 Ways to Simplify the Stuff”

Day 28: “Following Him & Loving the ‘New’ Them”

Day 29: “Following Him & Loving Every Tongue, Tribe & Nation”

Day 30: “Loving Them: My Top 16”

Day 31: “Following Him & Loving Them Finale”

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6 thoughts on “A Lifetime of Following Him & Loving Them”

  1. Holla! The Geriatic unit sure did produce some fruitful convos this weekend now didn’t it!? Seriously excited to see God speak through you this month and how this blog may be used by Him! Love you SO SO much!

  2. Kitty + Bri, you girls crack me up!!! I’m so happy that you’re joining the challenge (both of you). Kitty, I’m so glad you’re sharing this part of your story. I can’t wait to learn more about you, your heart, your family, your mission. I know that not only will it be a blessing to me, but to so many who will stumble across it. Yay for session 7, room 623, and our wonderful weekend spent together! xoxo

  3. This is so fun! Loved catching up on what you’ve written so far and can’t wait to keep reading!!!! Thanks for sharing with the world!

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