Add some salt to your Thanksgiving!

Every Thanksgiving my parents would open up our home to people without family near. This year the Culbertson family is extending this gesture to US! It’s such a privilege to be shown true hospitality…if you know Cubby (thank you for having us! We love y’all) then you know that he is intentional in word and in action. Here are the discussion questions he has prepared for our meal together. I love it!

“Its just an idea that you may want to consider for those you share a Thanksgiving meal… after all of the  temporal topics of Health care, the weather and how bad the Gamecocks are going to get beat…

Often times at a Thanksgiving meal we go around and share one specific area of our life that we are especially thankful for this year. Nothing wrong with that, but lets ramp it up this year.

1)     How has God used you in someone’s else life this year in a way that , sitting around THEIR  Thanksgiving table, they would say they are thankful for YOU and   for what God has done through you for them    (don’t worry about being prideful, just be honest because the next one will quickly humble you)

2)     What ( give specifics) opportunities have you MISSED, to be that person in someone’s life, because you were (1) too busy ( 2) not bold) (3) too self –centered and not enough “others centered” ( 4) too frugal (5) too prideful  ( 6) too lazy (7) too unorganized  etc  etc ?

3)     And finally, will you commit, between now and our Christmas dinner table, to do something ( be specific) about it?

Can you tell how blessed we are to have the Culbertson family in our lives?

Momma and Daddy we miss you !!! :)

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  1. We missed you all as well, but are looking forward to our opportunity Dec 14 :)
    We always enjoy catching up with you all thru your blog – you are doing a great job with it. Your communication is something peop. look forward to because it is concise, interesting and effective Much love dad

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