Adoption Story Part 2: Met-Ya Day (Cowlick Edition)

Ohhh. I will NEVER forget those beautiful brown eyes staring over that bashful grin as he tried to suck in his cheeks to stop himself from smiling. His respite caretaker (who was miraculously my friend) said for us to come to the pool 4:30 on Saturday to nonchalantly observe and meet Cowlick.

We were about to jump out of our skin.

I have never worried about what I was going to wear in front of a 5-year-old?!? I/we were so nervous to meet him!

Anyway, he played in the pool by himself for a while, then hopped out to grab a popscicle and see who these people were talking to his favorite respite mommy. She asked him, “Who loves you?” to which he began to rattle off the Rolodex of people who love him, and let me tell you there is  a list! This little boy is loved! Finally she said, “and who else?” (wanting to hear her name finally since she is clearly his favorite, but its’ his little game not to mention her name) to which he points to me and to Joel and says, “they do!”

We couldn’t have agreed more!!

Joel asked Cowlick if he could come play in the pool with him and he was excited about Mr. Joel coming to play torpedo/tomato/tortito with him (this word changes every time it comes out of his mouth!) He would throw it and make Mr. Joel swim under water to get it…after watching this for a while he said, “Mr. Joel, you’re such a great diver!” What a precious little encourager!

I was loving watching the two of them play and become friends, but I couldn’t stand it any longer, so I got in the pool to play too! Brother, in his lispy voice said, “Mrs. Joel, you swim like a fish!”

The pool got about a million pounds more full, because I melted!!!

We played so hard. So hard that he didn’t even want to take a potty break because he was afraid that we would leave! So he rushed to tinkle and hurried back announcing to the entire pool, “I AM BACK! I’M BACK, YOU GUYS!” He seriously cracked us up the entire time.

We left the pool and headed to the respite mom’s house to play in the driveway on scooters and big wheels. Everyone in this neighborhood has such a fun garage filled with toys. I think he was worried about me because when he raced me on the skateboard I clearly looked like a fool. He asked me, “Mrs. Kitty (we clarified my real name when he realized I probably wasn’t “Mrs. Joel”) do you have a garage?” to which I said, “No…” and he seemed even more worried and asked, “Well, do you at least have a play set??” I breathed a sigh of relief that I could answer “yes” thanks to my mentor Bonnie promising us her set when we got kiddos. He was relieved to hear that at least I had a play set and my life had a little bit of fun to it. :)

After beating me in skateboarding races we hopped on the golf cart to go visit Mrs. Bonnie and Mr. Bill.  Joel and he started kicking a soccer ball, but he did what we have noticed he does any time people start to play with him, he made sure there were enough soccer balls for every one of us to have a ball to kick. He really wants everyone to be having as much fun as he is. SO SWEET and GENEROUS and slightly manipulative because he realizes that if he has the coolest toy, he will probably have to share it sooner than later! This child…I am obsessed.

Mr. Bill gave him a dollar, to which he did not even look up, but grabbed it and said, “thank youuu!” and slid that dollar straight into his wallet. He held up his sweet little fingers and said, “Now I have one dollar and three monies!” We were all in stitches.

He wanted to drive the golf cart home, which of course respite mom let him!?! It was cute. We did bath time, ate supper and got ready for bed. He insisted that I READ his books before bed (melt my heart all over again) and I got to teach him the difference between a trolley and a train! Then, when he was groggily falling to sleep he said, “Mr. Joel, will you sleep with me?” Mr. Joel was a teary mess!

It was the most perfect day with Brother. We loved meeting him! We were without a doubt, IN LOVE with Cowlick, the most encouraging, kind-hearted, generous, brave little boy…and he was prayerfully going to be OUR SON!?!

The next day we would meet Sister aka Pigtails!!

13 thoughts on “Adoption Story Part 2: Met-Ya Day (Cowlick Edition)”

  1. I think it is totally unfair that you made us wait to hear Pigtail’s story! Love praying for all of you! So excited to see the hand of God at work.

    Love you both!


  2. Omg. Keep it coming. I love your story. It’s truly just a God thing! So happy for you all.

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