Adoption Story Part 3: Met-Ya Day (Pigtails & Incubator Edition)

I will NEVER forget the butterflies in my stomach as we pulled up the driveway to Pigtails foster grandparent’s lake house. I felt like I was going to meet the President! Up the driveway came the beautiful foster mom holding that little nugget in her arms.  Joel and I cracked up as they walked toward us because Pigtails was giving us a full-blown Miss America pageant wave. She looked like the star of Toddlers & Tiaras!

I wanted to hug my #instafriend, the foster mom, just as much as I wanted to squeeze the precious little girl in her arms. So we all wrapped our arms around each other and made a precious emotional Pigtail sandwich.

We were warmly recognized by Cowlick. He was still enthralled with Mr. Joel and he wanted to show us off to his foster brother/best friend. The foster grandparents made us right at home and gave us the freedom to observe, laugh and play all day. Pigtails melted Mr. Joel’s heart by letting him help her with her water shoes so that she and Cowlick fearlessly ran down to the dock and we all started jumping into the lake.

After one especially big jump, Pigtails looked at me and said, “Will you hold my hand?” She should have asked me for a car when she turned 16 and to date when she was 12 because I would have given her the world at that moment!!!

I let jungle-gym-Joel and the kids go wild so that I could slip away into the kitchen to spend some time with my new-found best friend, the foster mom, affectionately known as “my incubator mom”. Words cannot begin to express the gratitude I have in my heart for this woman. She and her brave husband took a step of faith to move from their self-described, “laid back, low-key lifestyle” to the radical decision to foster 1 child under the age of 3. (We all know how those perameters work out!!! :)

She recounted to me the day they “got the call” for not one, but two foster children to come into their care. We both welled with emotion as she described the physical and emotional state in which they came into her home. I can’t even put words to my thoughts and emotions when I think of the early days of these children’s lives. It’s even more mind-blowing to think about God’s perspective of this whole situation. Sinful humanity wreaking havoc and inflicting trauma on children in need of a Heavenly and an earthly Savior… My mind and my heart can’t begin to unravel that mess. BUT GOD. My favorite words in Scripture.

But God took that hurting little boy in underwear so small that it was leaving marks on his little legs and that aching little girl that came with one messy diaper and a bag or two of junk and He place them in a family that would love them as hard as they could for as long as He allowed. They loved them just like their own because for that time, they were and a piece of them will forever be theirs. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.  This family loved these kids just the way they were. This family put countless miles on their cars getting them to therapies. This family lost countless hours of sleep for these traumatized little ones. This family poured out all their energy helping them develop and grow in areas they severely lacked. This family gave cooked countless meals and gave countless hugs to these fragile, traumatized children. This family rehabilitated these children. This family taught them about Jesus. This family prayed over them. Out loud.This family and their extended family and church family went to battle for these children. Joel and I will never be able to express our gratitude.

Okay, now I am sobbing, but just so you hear Incubator’s heart, I will let her tell you herself…

******************LOVE THIS WOMANNNNN********************************

“Yesterday was a great day. I shopped (mostly the window kind) and enjoyed the company of my kids, nephew, sister, and mom. It felt good to be around people but yet it didn’t. The truth is, I haven’t been wanting to be around anyone much lately. I still don’t.

See, I miss sloppy kisses. I miss chubby cheeks. I miss pigtails. I miss a cowlick. I miss him nuzzling his head into me. I miss her kissing me over and over and over and saying, “I love you, mama”.

I miss them.

Please don’t get me wrong. We are still focused. Knowing full well Jesus’ guidance through this all. This IS His plan. We want it. We get it.

But it’s still hard.

When you love a child like they’re yours and they’re not, your heart forgets the boundary lines.  It becomes blinded to them really. Love has a way of wedging it’s way past those lines, never knowing it even neared them…forgetting they ever existed. And it’s better that way, I know. Because if I’d kept my eyes on the boundaries, I’d have missed the opportunities to love deep. So, I’m glad really.

But it’s still hard. I know what Angie Smith meant when she talked about joy and sorrow dancing together as though it has a right to.

Mama said there’d be days like this.”

******You can see what I mean, can’t you? I don’t take her words and heartfelt emotions lightly, would you stop right now and pray for this amazing incubator family? *********

The sun and the fun took it straight out of Pigtails and Incubator sacrificially offered me the chance to rock her to sleep. And she even took pictures…WHAT humble, painful love. I gingerly took her up on the offer and relished the chance to stare at her long eyelashes, button nose and chubby cheeks. Time stood still. I was so in love. It was still so surreal though.

We ate dinner with their family and enjoyed the rest of the day together, reading books, playing with toys, and doing baths. Incubator  suggested to Cowlick that Mr. Joel and Mrs. Kitty come back to their house to see how we do bedtime. He loved that idea and of course, we jumped at the chance to spend more time together.

In between choking back tears, we got to read the kids “Llama, Llama, Red Pajama” and see their bedtime routine. The kids fought sleep, but lake day exhaustion won and we were able to have some adult time filled with plenty more tears. Incubator presented me with a “Happy Mother’s Day 2012” poem and hand-print that Pigtails had done at school and some pictures she’d been saving for their forever family. Joel and I just sat on their couch boohooing, amazed at all God had done to bring us to this point. (Much more than any blog post could ever explain!)

What a glorious day it had been. We couldn’t believe we had been discouraged and wondering if we should say “yes” to this match…We knew that this was the moment God had prepared us for since before the foundations of the earth and we knew it was time to jump into the deep end with no floaties!! 

25 thoughts on “Adoption Story Part 3: Met-Ya Day (Pigtails & Incubator Edition)”

  1. wow. I was reading the whole time dreading getting to the end. so now, you need to write more! amazing just simply wonderfully amazing.

  2. Oh, praise praise praise! My heart cannot do anything else when I read your posts. What a beautiful redemption story God has given you to tell! xoxoxoxoxo

  3. Continuing to praise the Name of Jesus with tears and snot running everywhere! While we knew most of the story, just putting through our hearts again is stirring. God’s very active grace is beyond amazing.

  4. I’ve read your blog periodically for a while. I think I saw Kristin mention it sometime. Today I sat here just crying my eyes at this beautiful picture of redemption. I’m constantly in awe of how the Lord brings beauty from ashes.
    Emily Renner

  5. Amazing, miraculous, wonderful grace of Jesus!!! Those are the only words I can express thru my tears. I feel your hearts in every word you write…it’s incredible!

  6. :******) Ugly crying in Huntington again. I love Pigtails and Cowlick!!! And Icubator Mom sounds just as amazing as you.

  7. Oh kitty, thank you! Praising the Lord with you that you get to be the parents of these 2 precious little ones and we get to beall your friends! Love you! All!

  8. Oh wow!!!! Tears flowing… Oh Kitty, I love your/God’s story… This is truly amazing. Keep the stories coming. I love it!!!

  9. Oh Kitty! The love pours out of your words and the pictures! I cannot begin to tell you how blessed I feel from knowing you and seeing how God has and is working such wonderful things thru you and Joel! God Bless you both and keep the stories coming.

  10. Wow…wow…wow…Wow for a family forged by the Creator..a big family that extends across blood lines.

    Wow for words so eloquently written.

    Wow for the story unfolding.

  11. Hey,
    Just wanted to know that grown men can be brought to tears too! You two are amazing. You are both such a blessing from the Lord to so many of us.

  12. I’m good friends with your #instafriend – which I love that title by the way. It’s hard not to become instafriends with that sweet woman! I have loved every minute of this adoption story and too am crying – amazed just amazed at Our God!! I remember her getting ready of the foster parenting process and when she first took in those cute things. I remember the HARD blog posts and reading of her prayers and her battles and the little victories and now this! So beautiful! Thank you for sharing.

  13. Sweet, sweet Jesus. Glad that arm got fixed so you could hold two “heavier” babies. Cannot wait to visit! Love y’all, Joy

  14. We have battled infertility for the past two years and have grieved over and over after failed procedures. I just came home from the hospital after visiting one of my friends and her baby. On really hard days, I read your blog to remind me that God is working something so beautiful in our hearts. He has done it in yours and it is precious to see Him making His name famous through your story! Thank you! Thank you for allowing the Spirit to encourage our broken hearts while we wait on our forever family! Blessings!Psalm 113:9

  15. Kitty–you need to write a book to share this beautiful story with the world. I don’t know if I can bare to read more than one of these at a time as it is so emotional and touches my heart so deeply. I’ve seen redemption many times in our children in Kenya and how channeling Christ’s love to a child that has been so hurt can truly work miracles. I’m so happy for you both. I’m so excited to watch them grow up in a loving home. Thank you for the blessing of your story and the love that overflows from your words.

  16. Kitty that was beautiful! God bless you & your new wonderful family. They are such lucky children to have you as their mom.

  17. What a wonderful work of God. This has been His plan all along! It is so exciting for you to be a part of this and to have this exciting connection to this family. What an awesome story and an even more awesome God!!

  18. ok – i CANNOT read these while i’m at work. i’m now a mess. :) i love you all and so excited to see God at work in your lives!!

  19. There are no words for how beautiful this is…just tears. So, so happy for y’all, for Pigtails and Cowlick, and for the chance to see God move in such a mind-blowing way.

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