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Delayed and Re-routed…

I am writing from Greensboro, NC where we were originally flying from to head to the Middle East. However, we will return to Columbia for another week awaiting greater stability in Lebanon (currently there is major civil unrest in the exact city where we were headed. More than 85 people have been killed by open gun-fire in the streets).

As a result, tonight, we were told by our regional leadership that we would most likely be re-routed to another country in the Muslim world. This has been a bit of a roller-coaster week and we are emotionally pretty spent. However, we are asking God to renew our faith and allow us to trust Him to take us to the EXACT place He wants us to go in His EXACT timing.

It is comforting to know that this is NOT the first time missionaries who were envisioning great things happening in particular places have been re-routed. Acts 16 is the account of Paul being completely sent all over the place. He earnestly was trying to share Christ with the people of Phrygia, Galatia, people in Asia, Mysia, Bithynia, and Troas. But the Holy Spirit kept Paul and his team from going. (Only for those people to be reached for Christ at later times.) They were re-routed because there were people in Macedonia begging for someone to come and preach Christ to them…

So, this is what we hold on to…we hold on to the idea that “eternity is set on the hearts of all men” and that God will send us to the exact people that need to hear about Him.

On a lighter note…

I wanted to share w/ ya’ll some of the things we like to do when we aren’t on campus…there aren’t too many hours left in the day… but two things we like to do are cook and entertain!

We love to entertain!

This was our Easter Lunch that we hosted for friends and students.

We love to entertain!

Here’s the giant turkey we cooked for 30 Greek students that came for Thanksgiving! People say, “don’t use a new recipe when company comes over….” but, we don’t have any old ones!

We love to entertain!

This is our Newlywed Sunday School class for our “Tacky Christmas Sweater Party”

Domestic Diva-wannabe!We love to cook!

I am a Domestic Diva-wannabe. So, this week I tried to cook themed dinners. Here is our “Night in New Orleans” with cajun mahi-mahi, red beans and rice plus veggies. We had “Double Decker Tacos” for our Mexican night and then some yummy Asian fare.

Learning to cook...

It has been really fun learning to cook together and entertaining new friends!