Back on US soil!

Wow. Even though our bodies have been awake for a ridiculous number of hours…we have never been so glad to be home. We loved our time in Kyrgyzstan, but are so excited to be back. Here are some photo highlights of our trip now that we aren’t paying by the minute to use the internet :)

Joel with guys from English Club

Typical meal…noodles and miscellaneous meat.

Traditional Kyrgyz house

Me with a sweet national staff sister! So cool that we do the same job…but on opposite sides of the world!

A Kyrgyz staple…bread and tea…every meal.

More than 400 students at our first Outreach!!

The capital city…our home!

Our Tea Party Outreaches were a hit! Praise the Lord!

What part of this seemed like a good idea? This is not an abnormal scene for Kyrgyzstan…honestly…sometimes we felt we were in the twilight zone :)

Our overnight retreat to Lake Isakool was such a refreshment!

Wanted to crop this but the Asian man in volleyball briefs was too funny to leave out. :)

A day at the Lake…just what we needed!

Our precious team!

After a day in the mountains sharing Christ with our precious Kyrgyzs friends!

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  1. We are so thankful for your committment to Christ and your sacrifices this summer. Thank you for keeping us informed and letting us know how to pray. God will water and harvest the seeds you sowed in Bishkek.

  2. What an amazing experience! Thank you for blogging about it and sharing such precious photos! I can’t believe you had a tea party! Well, actually I can ;P And I’m dying to hear how teaching the electric slide went. What a cultural gift to share…that, coupled with the joy of knowing Jesus, surely changed their lives forever! :D Seriously, you are such an inspiration and I know our Heavenly Daddy has been honored by your faithful obedience. Love!

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