Becoming a movie star :)

Here is the video coverage of our “Sex and the City Uncovered Outreach” it is really encouraging. I am so proud of the girls for stepping out in faith and sharing a little bit of their lives on camera.

My favorite scene is when the camera pans out over the 300+ crowd at our outreach!


I love my girls!!

Through this outreach we have seen 6 girls’ lives radically transformed by Christ for the first time and many others moved to love Him more. Hallelujah, what a Savior!

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  1. What a great video! I was so moved and I am so proud of you for putting this together. These girls are so lucky to have you in their lives!!

  2. Oh no girl, I had nothing to do w/ this! I actually FOUND it on YOUTUBE!! Totally freaky to see yourself on there when you had no idea! Anyway, thanks for your sweet encouragement. I love and miss ya!
    p.s. WE AREN’T MOVING!!!

  3. Oh my goodness, I finally got a chance to catch up on this blog and WOW…I am loving it. What a fantastic update. I added ya’lls link to my blogroll. Love you!

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