Behind the Scenes: Snow Day

I was the girl in third grade who loved a good journal prompt. I LOVED that we had to spend 20 minutes in class getting to write, so when I found these prompts I was excited to give it a go. The prompt was to grab a *real* camera and snap a picture once an hour every hour throughout the day to show life “behind the scenes”. It just so happened that the day I planned to do this, we had our first ever Snow Day with the kids getting to stay home from school (today happens to be our 2nd snow day and we are LOVING our lives. You know the lives of Southern people. People who don’t have to go to school, but also don’t have any snow by 10 am. Right.) So here goes it! O’dawn thirty: The joy of realizing it has in fact snowed. 132 1338 am: Snow Day Pancake Party 143And a mid-party pic in case you, like me, were ever under the delusion that ADHD is just a nice way of saying hyperactive-boy. It’s something far more intense than hyperactivity. Let me tell you. :) 144 Nothing says “Happy Snow Day” quite like pancakes and probiotics. 155 9 am: Bundle up and play outside so Daddy can finish preparing his sermon for that night. 202 Anyone know of some free office space? #operationgethimoutofmydiningroom #butseriously 161 168 10 am: Find a walking stick and hike to the creek. 191 184 188Oh and have a tickle/snowball fight, of course. 182 11: Gourmet lunch of peanut butter & jelly with broccoli and a side of leftover pizza. 206 207 12 pm: Chores and children’s catechism to earn a prize. 203 222 1 pm: Trip to the Dollar Store for getting all their pom-pons in the jar! (They get a pom pon for first time obedience and catechism.) 234 2 pm: Room Time aka enter the “Imagination Station”200 198 3 pm: Doc McStuffins and a snack. We snack a lot. And we LOVE Doc McStuffins.  204 4 pm: Paint while Mommy preps supper.  213210 Well, start a painting but then see a super-fabulous-bouncy-ball that MUST be played with very intensely!!! :) 215 2165 pm: Supper of Basil Thai Curry Chicken 228Annnnnd the nightly attempt at getting a tired 4-year-old to eat her supper.241 6: Bathtime227 7 pm: Daddy off to speak at our CRU weekly meeting, book time, screen time and clean up your room time for the kids while I do them dang dishes. 225245230Except for when “cleaning up your room” all too closely resembles a dance party…and Mommy seriously has to try not to get angry. Why? She’s so cute? Why can’t I laugh? Why must I get annoyed? 247 2488 pm: Books, sing, pray and lights out, y’all!260

Thanks for joining us for our first ever Snow Day! :)


3 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes: Snow Day”

  1. Once again you have done a fabulous job of capturing life in the raw. I know it is not always beautiful, but this gave me another opportunity to watch two of my three fav kids being themselves under your loving care.
    These are precious moments. Dad and I are shocked by the degree to which they have physically grown. They are huge compared to this time last year! Mentally, everyone is reading; being creatively stimulated; and always coming up with their own game plan. Spiritually, I hope they will help me review the catechism when I get there.
    So thrilled and thankful,
    Momma Bear

  2. Oh, my word! I remember snow days when mine were little. I would have had to take a picture of the dryer–they stayed out until they were wet and cold–changed clothes just long enough to get the first set dry–and then it was back out to get wet again–and it repeated all day long. Hmmm…come to think of it, I really don’t miss snow days at all.

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