Camping in South Carolina

This past weekend, Kitty and I went camping with 6 other couples from our newly weds sunday school class. We went up to Devils Fork State Park in the far Northwestern corner of South Carolina. For the record, camping “married-guy” style doesn’t quite achieve the same effect of “single-guy” camping. You go camping when you’re a single guy… you’ve got a sleeping bag and a rolled up shirt to use as your pillow. Where as when you’re “married-guy” camping, you’ve got an air bed, a hair dryer to inflate the air bed, a comforter, a blanket, a set of sheets, etc. Another funny revelation I had is that the food you eat isn’t the same… “Single-guy” camping: You eat a sandwich for lunch that you made 4 days before of salami, so the meat doesn’t go bad. “Married-guy”camping: You roll your coolers down from the car, which is parked in the parking lot 15 feet from your tent. Then you fire up the gas grill, which also has wheels on it, begin to cook your burgers, baked beans, chili, hot dogs, etc. to your hearts content… All the while knowing if you forgot something, you can get in the car and drive 1.5 mins down the road to the general store on site. Hilarious!
But i’m not complaining… I did sleep and eat like a king while enjoying the great outdoors!

The highlight of the trip was hiking the nearby mountain called Table Rock. It’s a strenuous 6.4 mile (round trip) hike, but definitely worth the effort!

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  1. So, how did you get your wife to go camping with you? Been working on that for 7 years and still have not attained my goal.

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