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Do you remember way back when Jeff Foxworthy coined the “You might be a redneck if…” phrase? jeff foxworthyWell we’ve adopted a similar phrase as Joel and I ask each other about our days. It typically goes something like, “You might be a campus minister if…” 

You might be a campus minister if the people at Starbucks suspiciously question why you’re going through the check-out line 3-4 times a day with different college girls.

You might be a campus minister if  three 18-year-olds in a row skipped your agreed upon appointment to take an extended nap in the middle of the day.

You might be a campus minister if the majority of people you interact with on a daily basis have the telling black X on their hand from the night before. (Or on their cheek if they recently took a luxurious catnap in the middle of the day.)

Or my personal favorite, you get stood up so that the girl you’re about to meet with can go be an extra on the upcoming Channing Tatum movie. 

You might be a campus minister if  on any given day of the week you know which Greek house to go to for the best free frat food.

You might be a campus minister if  your children are confused about if Daddy’s office is an intramural field, the local coffee shop or a giant castle (aka a fraternity house).

I could go on and while you’ve got all the amusing ones. You’ve also got the heart-aching ones. Ones that stop you in your tracks and thank God for the privilege to take Jesus to the students behind conversations such as,

“Dude I saw you at Qudoba last night.”

“Really? What was I doing because all I know is I woke up in the hospital with 2 criminal charges.”

Or the phone call after the abortion.

Or the defeated text that reveals they’ve fallen prey to their sin struggle yet again.

I don’t know what your college experience was, but day in and day out we are seeing students come face-to-face with their depravity, experience the true Jesus, and begin to defy the cultural norms of “college life”.

During no other season of life do young adults have such life-altering, character molding freedom. Will you join with us in praying for revival on college campuses across America and around the world? Will you pray that many students at Ole Miss will have a hunger for God and His Word?

If you receive our monthly newsletter, you saw this encouraging Flipogram and testimony. I wanted to leave you with the story of a young man named Tommy who’s life was changed by Christ while in college and who is now with Jesus after a tragic car crash. We use this video testimony as we present the Gospel in Greek houses here year after year and we would love if God would cause many of these Gospel seeds to take root and grow! This year we saw around 150 students indicate receiving Christ through using Tommy’s story in our Bible studies. Praise the Lord!

Believing God for revival and thrilled to be your extension of the Gospel here at Ole Miss!


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  1. my husband and i think back often to how generous and loving our cru staff members were. how they listened to us whine about boys, and how we stood them up (or called late to cancel). i remember telling my discipler that i was just TOO BUSY and now i fully appreciate her kind answer — she had two young kids, was on staff, and what was on my schedule? horse back riding and lunches with friends. but still she listened and cared. and i was one of the dedicated, involved kids! what y’all do is awesome. keep fighting the good fight.

  2. This is one of the most encouraging comments I’ve received. Seriously, thank you for sharing this. I feel the same way about the women who tried to invest in my life when I was so “busy”. I am so thankful for a God who uses broken people to help broken people!

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