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A Facelift Giveaway

What’s up, ya’ll!? Welcome to the updated look of We’ve gotten a digital facelift, thanks to Primavera Studios, and our favorite photographer Faison Anne I thought a fun giveaway celebration was in order.

Facelift + Valentine's Giveaway

What’s up for grabs for this giveaway? Well, if you were to put this blog in a gift bag, here is probably what you’d find:

  1. Five Blue Apron dinners delivered straight to your front door. (Because we don’t do a lot of things right, but we know our food. That and over 89K you people have visited our meal-oriented pages this year. #wuutt)
  2. An hour-long “Brand”storm consult with Erin from Primavera Studios (Because blogging is cheaper than therapy and Erin is awesome to offer this.)
  3. An Aspen Bay candle (Because it’s Anthro acclaimed and good ole Mississippi-made.)
  4. An 11×14 Gracelaced art print (Because her work is beautiful and Jesus is what we’re all about.)
  5. Your choice of any book from the Spiritual Formation page and my new “Table Talk” E-book.

Subscribe To Win!


Already subscribed? If you share this giveaway on social media, you’ll receive extra entries! Just tag me (@kitty_hurdle) so I can count them. I can’t wait to see who wins. I’ll announce the winner February 14th!

My prayer for this corner of the internet is to offer encouragement, inspiration and motivation to live authentically and intentionally with Christ. 

I say “with” Christ and not “for” Christ, because if there is one thing that writing about life on the internet has taught me, it’s that only when the joy of knowing Jesus (and not my striving and performing) infuses my dailiness can I be encouraged and inspired to live with authentic intention (and only then can ya hit “publish”).

Whether you stop by to read about freezer mealing, to find a resource to help you grow in your faith or to hear what’s going on in our family and ministry, hopefully you’ll feel comforted and equipped to live with intention and share your journey with Jesus with people in your sphere of influence.

So, welcome, if you’re new (you can catch up here) and if you’ve been around the past 8 years, thanks for putting up with my quirks and cute kids. We are so glad you are here.

More Favorite Things

Great news. It’s Friday. friday2

Friday is a perfect day to share 5 more things I’m loving. Five things that make life more simple and much more wonderful. And get pumped but there’s also a discount offer below!

Without further adieu…

1. Do y’all know about this stuff?


I’ve been loving this stuff for a few years now, but I’m not sure enough people know how life-changing it is. It puts ordinary plastic wrap to shame. It’s pull, rip, cover with ease. No more “What’s that? You need me to cover some food? Okay, sure, I’ll be back in 2 hours once I’ve untangled myself from my wrestling match with the seran wrap.”  It’s magical. I recommend putting it in the Easter basket of every female in your family.

2. And clearly I am not getting paid for these endorsements…because I am also in love with a competitor’s product…


Mr. Reynolds. I.Love.You.Truly.Madly. Deeply. I love you and so does anyone who washes my dishes on a regular basis (okay, that would just be my mom and Gigi) but they love you too. Why scrub a crock pot when you can just line that son of a gun?

3. Bloglovin‘: I’ve really enjoyed relaunching and reentering the blog world. Lots of my friends in town think it strange to process your life out loud. On the internet. For all to hear. But I say it’s cheaper than therapy and I say that the world needs real. Real life, real mess, real joy, real Jesus. At least that’s what I am attempting to bring to this space. Anywho, I have about 10 other blogs that I love reading. Ones that make me laugh out loud, make me go hmmmm, ones that warm my heart like grabbing coffe with a friend, sharpen my writing and cooking skills and ministry skills and many more that keep me in touch with friends across the globe.

Bloglovin’ is an app I use on my phone and is also an email service once each day that compiles all the posts from friends who have posted to their blogs. It’s like sitting down to read your favorite magazine or catching up with friends when you have a spare moment to decompress in the carpool line. For me, I have about 12-15 minutes and I don’t want to be chasing down web sites or trying to remember domain names…thus Bloglovin’ is like my personal newsboy delivering my hand-selected inbox updates. bloglovingIf that sounds helpful, all you have to do is go to, create an account, add the blogs you’d like to follow (my recommendation is start with just a few you know you actually want to read so you don’t clog up your brain with random sites, but you can always unfollow!) Or if that stresses you out you can always just sign up to receive OUR updates by email! subscribe4. A few weeks ago my discipleship group was on the way over and I realized I hadn’t planned a snack…but then I fist pumped in the air and remembered I had bought 2 little pots of bliss and we could make chocolate covered strawberries for a little treat! 



You literally zap it in the microwave for 30 seconds, stir, pop it in for another 30 seconds and dip till your taste buds can’t take it any more. We did strawberries, but you could do whatever else you’d like, here are some ideas from our Valentine’s Day Dinner.

5. Stampin Place: I love to write letters and notes. Postal love is my fave. So, each time we have moved I’ve researched the latest, greatest and most affordable return address stampers…And would you believe that each and every time I have ended up at the same great place? has the most fun designs with the most rock-bottom prices AND I’ve not ran out of ink before we’ve had to move again! Notable! 107

This time I chose a simple self-inking circle return address stamper and I love it! (So do my kids who unknowingly stamped half a ream of printer paper…)

stampThis is an awesome company with great customer service and super-quick turn-around. They have graciously offered YOU 10% off any purchase on, when you use the promo code 10KITTY. Hope that’s fun and helpful! I am off to use my stamper on some thank you notes as we speak!

What are your favorite things these days? What makes life more easy and more beautiful? Can’t wait to hear! xoxo