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Moved in and knocking out walls

If ever you decide to move 10 streets away and think to yourself, “we can just throw it all in our cars and haul it over.” Stop yourself! It is NOT a good strategy. After 3 days of moving we were left with this–

Greek Summit4 HOUSE 098

Of course, Joel was in no mood to organize…he was ready to…

Greek Summit4 HOUSE 107


Greek Summit4 HOUSE 108

A girl gets nervous when her man wants to get rid of the largest of the three tiny closets in the house…however, trustworthy hubs was totally right! Now we can actually open the master bedroom door! Before:

Greek Summit4 HOUSE 079

You couldn’t open the door past a 45 degree angle. But now:

house 035

Now you can open the door and see “Lion” green vs. “Marshall” green!

Survey says we like green a bit too much…any bedding suggestions for mahogany wood and light sage green walls? We need a good contrasting color…

house 006

Only 5 days left to focus on home renovation, then back to work. Bathroom pics tomorrow!

Signing off for now so Joel can go crawl under the house!


Tour de Home

We are loving our new home.

It’s the little things really. Like having a dishwasher that actually cleans your glasses…Like being able to run the washing machine and shower at the same time (okay that’s a big thing)…Like having windows that haven’t been painted shut. We are just so thrilled w/ living in a house built in the 50’s rather than the 30’s!

Welcome to our Tour de Home.

women's retreat 096

Welcome to our front door. Projects here include: staining the door, power washing and painting the landing, spray painting the mailbox and replacing the knocker that has the previous owners name on it. :)

Greek Summit4 HOUSE 075

Enter living room, projects include-sewing some curtains and fresh painting.

Greek Summit4 HOUSE 076

Marital discussion#1–Joel wants his TV to go over the mantle…I say no way. Any suggestions on hiding a TV?? He’s thinking of continuing the pillars from the bottom and building a cabinet to enclose it. Suggestions??

Greek Summit4 HOUSE 077

Take a sharp right, enter the dining room. We’ve already taken the doors off both the entryways into the dining room to open it up. Soon we would like to knock down the wall b/n the living and dining room to open it up even more. We need color suggestions for this room! Any thoughts?

Greek Summit4 HOUSE 073

Continuing through the circular flow of the house, enter galley kitchen which opens up to an eat-in space. You can also see the mud room here.

Yes, that’s right, the kitchen is TOPAZ.

I told Joel it’s on Martha Stewart’s “Top 10 Colors to Watch For in 2010” and he said he would be watching topaz leave our house immediately. :)

Greek Summit4 HOUSE 082

This is for sure what sold us on the house. The previous owners knocked out a 3rd bedroom to extend the kitchen. We have big plans for transforming this space to a place where all our students can feel at home!

Greek Summit4 HOUSE 072

One thing that will take some getting used to is the stove is in the middle of the room!? Can I interest anyone in a pineapple light fixture?

On to the bedrooms, atrium and our humble lone bathroom.

Greek Summit4 HOUSE 079

This photo is deceiving. It looks like we have more topaz to offer Martha here in the master bedroom…nope! In fact, we have We Are Marshall Green! Though I love my alma mater, within 48 hours of being here We Are–a different color. (Master bedroom debut Monday!)

Greek Summit4 HOUSE 078

Here we have what we are affectionately calling the Big Bird Yellow Guest Room. Lacking inspiration for this room. All suggestions welcome.

women's retreat 117

Here is a design challenge for the average Columbia home…the atrium. What is it, what’s it’s purpose and how do you utilize this valuable space? We are thinking two small bookshelves where there is currently a coat tree. Anyone out there have a chic yet cunning way to use this space?

Greek Summit4 HOUSE 080

Last but not least the bathroom. Before and after pics coming soon!

Hope you enjoyed the little tour of our place. We will say farewell for the weekend by taking you through the backyard. See you Monday!

women's retreat 109