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We did it!

Everyone says now is a good time to buy…so, after much prayer, counsel, research and driving all over Columbia…we bought our little piece of the pie!

We were driving around our desired neighborhood one evening after work (our tradition) when we saw a “For Sale by Owner” sign. Now, we’ve always been leery of FSBO b/c typically they have sentimental value about their home, thus their price is way off. But, I made a quick phone call to the number on the sign and asked the details.

The lady called me about an hour later and asked us to come by the house to see the potential that it might have for us. Of course, I wanted to know the bottom line price…so after she rambled off the perks of an old house with new windows, new electric, new plumbing, new hot water tank, new dishwasher, etc. she then said, “the price in negotiable.”

With those 4 little words we were in the car and on our way.

Fast forward past 2 months and waaaaay to much work for Joel, (we now know that saving money not having a Realtor is NOT worth it–go with a  Realtor people!!) we are now the proud owners of this little bungalow!

women's retreat 093

We got home from Greek Summit, got a good night of rest, and immediately started moving!

Greek Summit4 HOUSE 085

Praise the Lord for sweet (strong) frat boys who feel somewhat indebted to Joel :)

Greek Summit4 HOUSE 064

I actually had a twinge of sadness when we found renters for our old place (who will now have full access to my hydrangea bushes…boo.) But, a fun new project w/ hubs got me back in the new home owner spirit.

Greek Summit4 HOUSE 070

We were a little overzealous to think we could get ourselves moved-in in one day…that one day stretched into three and our hands and feet were swollen and tired.

By the second day we realized we had moved all the beds to the new house, but had no electricity in the new house yet…so we drug two twin mattresses back to the old house and had an old-fashioned slumber party!

Greek Summit4 HOUSE 091

I guess it wasn’t that old fashioned b/c Joel hooked our campus VPU up to our computer and we watched “The Office” on our bedroom wall! So fun.

Tomorrow, I will take you on a virtual tour of the house…let’s just say we’ve been officially sleeping here for two nights and Joel has already torn down a wall.

Photos are coming of all the action! Stay tuned :)


This morning Joel says to me…

“Have you seen the sandpaper I bought last night?”

I reply…

“Yea, it’s on the toilet in the living room!”

We both cracked up at the humor in that convo…and tomorrow we will debut the REASON why we have a toilet in our living room and why we have been to Lowe’s every day this week! :)