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Following Him & Living in Community

Our season in Columbia. Still formulating my thoughts and processing those 6 years.

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Hurdle-Party of 4

Hurdle-Party of 4

It was a time of seeing revival on campus. It was a time of personal growth and change. It was a time of experiencing  pain and laughter all wrapped up in God’s love, amidst community. 


It’s pretty neat of the Lord to have organized the 30 Day Challenge/Blog Re-launch timeline of Following Him & Loving Them with the place my heart longs to be tonight. My heart aches because, a bunch of people that a few years ago I didn’t even know, are gathering to celebrate the life of our dear friend and pastor, Chris, who went to be with the Lord on Friday. Though a few years ago it seemed like a lot of energy to start new friendships, join a new church, and open our hearts, Columbia is home to some of the dearest people who are a caring community of people who drop anything and move to action for one another. leavingcola 067

I experienced the depth and care of this sacrificial community and am so blessed to have had a little taste of the Body of Christ in action. 

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Community takes time. If you’re like me and most other Americans, we are extremely stingy of time. But as  I am learning,

“You must log the hours with community. It’s always worth it. Even when it doesn’t feel like it. It’s like money in the bank.” –Shauna Neiquist, Author of Cold Tangerines, Bittersweet, Bread & Wine

You “put in” and “log” a few coffees, lunches, retreats, church services, craft nights, play dates, dinner parties, adoption journeys, and community outreaches like Movies in the Park, together and you have the beauty of life-on-life fellowship through joy and suffering. me amd ac


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I am so eternally grateful that God has seen it fit for us to continue experiencing the beauty of the Body of Christ. We are praising the Lord for all you Cola-town peeps! Prayers are with you tonight. 

249*Not pictured here are about 1,592,834 more Cola folks we love but didn’t get pics with…Neighbors! Church friends! Newlywed friends! Staff team! STUDENTS ETC. Hope you feel the love :)



We potentially have some exciting life-changing news…

A little over a week ago, we found out that our paperwork to adopt through the state of SC been approved, AND that we were matched with two precious children!!!! We have gotten to meet this incredible brother/sister duo and have completely fallen in love. From what we can tell, they are pretty much obsessed with “Mr. Joel” and they like the Spiderman and baby doll stuff that “Mrs. Joel” brings them :)

Tommorow at 2pm a court hearing will *prayerfully* end their upbringing of sadness and hardship and will free them to join our forever family!!

We would love for y’all to join us in prayer tonight and tomorrow for the court ruling. If all goes as planned, we will welcome them home forever on Tuesday?!?

Thank you for partnering with us in taking the Gospel to the ends of the earth AND growing His family and ours through adoption!