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Thinking of Summer Amidst the Snow

Joel and I are here in Dallas, TX, (AND IT’S SNOWING–which is really rare!) at the Campus Crusade¬† training conference for Summer Project Directors. We have the exciting opportunity of helping to lead Greek Summit this year!

This will be our 3rd summer at Greek Summit and we are anticipating another transformational summer for students and staff. We have seen a little over 30 Carolina students come on the Christian leadership conference and be forever changed.

From Greek Summit we will again travel out to Colorado for more seminary classes and we look forward to that time of enrichment. We haven’t figured out where we will live or our class schedule, but it will be such a good time of learning and growing. (Maybe by this summer our bathroom will be back in tact??)

If you wouldn’t mind, please start praying for us as we recruit staff and students to come with us to be trained and equipped to then go back and share Christ with thousands of future leaders of our world.

Pray not just for us, but for the hundreds of other projects that are getting kicked off this weekend. Over 3,000 students have already applied for 2011 summer projects, which is a record high!

Do you know any college students who’d like to take a step of faith this summer? Let us know! xoxo