We had planned on taking Greek students camping last weekend, but seeing as how there were 50,000 activities scheduled on top of us, we opted out. The same thing happened with the Women’s Retreat scheduled for our traditional students. SO, instead, I called a “Crafternoon” and invited girls to come hang out and craft.

We had our earring/headband makers…

We had our graphic designers…

Heck, we even had our cabinet-makers…

Don’t you love how my husband uses power tools in our living room?

He DOES have a fully functioning man shed…but seems to prefer the living room!

I got to make a really fun wreath, inspired by my friend Lindsey.

What a fun “Crafternoon”!

On Sunday, while Joel watched the Masters I got a little cra-cra and finally worked on “Baby Bach” I am so glad I waited until I came across a perfect plan for it!




Have you been crafty recently? I think I’m done for a while. Glad I got that out of my system! :)

4 thoughts on “Crafternoon!”

  1. How do you make those little flower rosettes!? I would love to know how! That is the cutest wreathe ever… you should do a tutorial showing how or help me make one! lol!

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