Did I Mention…

That we LOVE free stuff??
Last Friday, (I think…I’ve lost track of time at this point) was “Dress Up Like A Cow & Get a Free Meal” at CFA.

You better believe we joined in…

For lunch with the future “Mr. and Mrs. Daniels”
AND for dinner with the sassiest cows on the block!
We had a yummy, free time!

2 thoughts on “Did I Mention…”

  1. I like the tilt of Joel’s hat in the first picture. But I am glad you could guide him to lunch as I don’t think he could see where he was going.
    May you have many more fun freebees in your life.
    Love, Mom

  2. I agree but this day happens on “leave project” day each summer! Just don’t have the energy to plan ahead.
    But I did get giddy at Starbucks Sunday when I handed them my empty bag of coffee and they handed me a free coffee. Bliss. Little did they know that I bought that bag at a liquidation center for pennies.

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