Encounter Christ the Redeemer

encounterThis week, Joel and I are working in Greensboro, North Carolina at the “Encounter Winter Conference”. We are helping to host over 1,000 college students up until we ring in 2009! There will be great speakers, amazing praise and worship, breakout seminars that will equip students to walk with the Lord and to share their faith with others, a great New Year’s Eve party and other fun experiences.

Please pray for us as we serve and minister to these young people. Traditionally, many students make serious lordship decisions during this conference. Hundreds have been called to the mission field as a result of this week. Please pray for God to move and work this week. We are praying for revival!

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  1. I will defintley be praying for those at conference this week. The 3 times that I went changed my life extremely…I loved every minute of it! I miss going now.

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