Favorite Things For Spring


It’s been a while since I’ve written a Favorite Things Post. But trust me, I have a long mental list of all the things I want to tell you about. You, or the random person standing behind me in line at Walmart, or really anyone who will listen! I don’t know what it is about me, but if I find something I love I want everyone to know.

I went back and reviewed all the posts from this series and was pleasantly surprised to still be enthusiastic about the products, ideas and services I had promoted!

I’m still obsessed with StitchfixAlessa’s White Balsamic Reduction, Puffy Tacos, Skinny Pop, Eucerin Hand Cream, 

I still love my Ebatesmy Shark vacuum cleaner, If Equip Bible Study and Benefit Primer. 

And don’t even get me started about the Hipster Jesus Kid’s Bible App, cooking bacon in the oven, my upright freezer and organizing my kids uniforms.

More recently I raved about the public library, podcasts, and all things Walmart (cheap jewelry, chocolate covered almonds and pumpkin spice cinnamon rolls)

So, in keeping with the only store in our town Walmart theme…

My Favorite Things For Spring!

1. Who knew Walmart was ROCKING the maxi dress scene? I’m just saying. I went for bread and left with a $15 Easter dress. IMG_2047

2. I ‘d like to take a general poll, please. Do you people know about this stuff?? Maybe don’t tell me if you do because I was SO mad when I mentioned my recent bath conversion to two friends who said, “Oh yea, I use it every night. It’s too good not to!”



Friends don’t let friends NOT take baths. And take it from me. I was not a bath girl.

My thinking is, who has time to float around in their own scum? Okay, well, that train of thought has been luxuriously derailed by Dr. Teal.

When I say I feel like I went to the spa after using these bath salts, I am not overstating the fact that 15 minutes of the hottest water and steam I can stand, then 15 minutes with the overhead fan clearing the steam, a quick exfoliating scrub and shower then a good slathering of lotion and essential oils…equals sheer bliss!!!

So heavenly that I feel it my civic duty to tell everyone in the soap aisle at Walmart that THEY NEED TO BUY THE GOODS. (I just started mixing Dr. Teal’s Lavender Salts with the Spearmint and Eucalyptus and using the oil for my feet just before bed.)

Moving along.IMG_2190

3. Okay, one more thing to add to your Walmart list…I like to call this “miracle mousse”. At the beginning of the year, I flew to Asheville for a Writer’s Retreat and asked our hostess, Kristi if she’d mind to let us use her toiletries so we (okay really I) didn’t have too pack quite as much heat. (If you know me, you know I need all the help I can get in the packing department.) Well, I’d seen her post about fine hair, but then BAM, I used her product and realized I could buy it at Walmart and now I have new hair. Namely volume and texture.

Joel walked past me as I was getting ready the other day and said, “Since when do you use mousse?” 33 years later this dog has learned a new trick.

little house4. Audio Books- Seriously, since Spring Break, my children have loathed “room time”. We do Room Time every day! What’s not to love? Well, apparently a lot because I’ve had little people pitching fits to get out of their rooms.

Then, of course, I start to second guess my whole “hold the line on Room Time” philosophy because they’ve flopped around like dying fish and guilted me into believing they are being held as POWs in their rooms.

Nevertheless, thanks to the audio book section at our local library, momma can fold the dang laundry in peace. I can’t recommend them highly enough. You can get real fancy and find picture books and DVDs that coordinate and you can make a whole “unit” out of it. You can also save your sanity during the carpool commute by just slipping in an audiobook! Our faves are whatever the library has on tap AND: Little House On The Prairie, Pippi Longstockings, Rush Revere & The American Revolution, and more!

5. And now…I’ve saved the best for last. Oh my stinking word. Have you heard about Pley.com??? IT’S LIKE NETFLIX (back when you had to mail the DVDs back), BUT FOR LEGOS!?!?


D decided to use his Christmas money to get a few months of all-you-can-build-enjoy-and-send-back-Legos and we are ALL loving it. People, my kid is in a Lego trance and I am doing the no-clutter dance. Not only can you make your own “pley lists” where you can choose all the sets that you’re too cheap to actually purchase, but they also sanitize the bricks before they mail the sets. This is a fabulous feature because somehow the top of the Eiffel Tower ended up in our toilet…so there’s that.

I’m just telling you, if you come to our house, do not use the silver tweezers. 

So, yeah. We just received our second set and are completely LOVING building, playing, admiring, taking pictures, shipping and getting another set 2 days later!!! But, I know what you’re thinking, but you can lose up to 10 pieces and not be penalized. Also, shipping both ways and a handy dandy zipper pouch is included! WHY did we not come up with this?!? There is some mom out there who’s paid off her grandkids college tuition by now. Plus they have an affiliate program where if you refer people you can get 10% off your next pley. Click HERE!

Those are my faves as of late. What are yours?


16 thoughts on “Favorite Things For Spring”

  1. I saw your maxi on Insta and thought “wow, what a great piece from StitchFix.” Dang, Walmart – you don’t mess around.

    Also – Dr. Teal’s is the jam! :)

  2. Alsoooo, we’ve found a pretty good recording of Little House in the Big Woods on youtube. Nice because I don’t have to return it. Which means I also don’t lose it. Win. :D

  3. Oh huge win!!! The Hiding Place is on there too and I fell in love with it. Any other kid audios that Yall love? Thanks for the tip!!

  4. It might be time for me to do another faves list. It also might be time for me to be a blogger again. Maybe.

  5. Oh wow! I’m going to have to check out the “pley” site! Hopefully it’ll be around if/when I have little ones.

    I’m not into baths, mainly because my tub is uncomfortable, but I love to soak my feet regularly in Epsom salts.

    Thanks for this post; great as all the others I’ve read!

    Ps I sent you a message on FB since I couldn’t locate your email

  6. Oh a foot soak sounds like the perfect alternative! I’m going to try that!!! Just hopped on FB to read your message but didn’t see one…my email is kitty.hurdle@cru.org would love to chat further!

  7. I just saw I never responded to this! :( so sorry – not intentional!
    we’re listening to the chronicles of narnia right now…just started Prince Caspian last night! :D
    and funny that I came back to this comment today – I JUST finished The Hiding Place this week! Excellent read.

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