Favorite Things: July

I guess I was born a cheerleader. If I find something I like, I can’t help but tell somebody. cheer

Thus, this months installment of my Favorite Things.

The one where I avoid the topic of tragically long cheerleading skirts and jump straight into “Crema di Aceto Balsamico” and how I slather it.on.everything. photo (43)

Do y’all know about this stuff? I was en route to make Shauna Niequist’s Watermelon & Feta Salad for our “Bread & Wine” book club (BOOK CLUBS! ALSO A FAVORITE THING!! Could be it’s own post. Maybe it will be. If you like high-brow food and/or the best chapter I’ve read about infertility in a while, check this book out from the library, have friends bring a dish from the book and enjoy the discussion questions in the back while you sigh with joy over flourless brownies and ice cream) and all I could find White Balsamic Reduction vs. just plain White Balsamic Vineagar…I went with it and my taste buds have never been so glad. It’s almost a sweet balsamic syrup that literally tastes good on everything. Especially starches like cauliflower and baby new potatoes. Oh mama. Go getcha some. Your book club will thank you.bookclub

And can you really still call it Skinny Pop if you eat the whole bag? Joel read some article about GMO corn products and autistic symptoms, so of course I have been on a witch hunt to rid us of the lurking evil. (I compulsively go on these hunts and then move on after a while.) But, with one of our favorite snacks being popcorn, the choices are a bit limited…enter Skinny-till-you-eat-the-whole-bag-Pop.


Next, podcasts. Specifically Edie’s series (my fave one is the Life of Faith) and anything by Sally Clarkson. Y’all, seriously. How else can you have heart transformation like this while matching socks and scrubbing floors? It’s changing me one bit of truth at a time.joy

Speaking of Edie…her puffy tacos have changed my life.


And my pant size.


Which is fine because I am still enjoying Stitchfix and I am really loving the referral credit that allowed me to snag those sassy red jeans pictured above…for free!

Back to Mexican food…I’ve literally dreamed of the Barbecue Margarita (on puffy) Tacos with Mexican Quinoa Bowl meal that we ate a few weeks ago. Def my fave meal of the month/year. It would be wrong not to share it with you.

I mean, I looked down and even the food was smiling. You NEED to make this meal. bbqmarg

But when you make the Mexican Quinoa use “Seeds of Change Certified Organic Quinoa & Brown Rice” because it’s ridiculously yummy and it’s so easy that a kid could make it…specifically MY kid. He’s a great kitchen helper. Favorite Thing: kids helping in the kitchen. photo (44)

He asked me to take his pic cooking :) Does opening a bag and putting it in the microwave count as cooking? If a meal-time task is being delegated, it counts. quinioa

It would also be wrong not to tell you that when you cook this meal, you should not immediately go out into the sun…y’all, who knew that lime is so acidic that it can cause crazy looking (and extremely painful) burns?

Word to the wise via my derm, do not squeeze or use lime if you plan on being out in the sun. I’ll spare you the burn and then burn with stitches photos (and the outrageous dermatology bill) and just say that if by chance you accidentally do get burned or if you just have dry skin…this is your ticket to healing. Somehow I left the derm with a huge bill, some stitches and no burn cream. Nontheless, I have had great success with Eucerin Intensive Repair Extra-Enriched Hand Creme.

shoppingSo there you have it. Food, Jesus, and hand creme.

What are your favorites this month? If you post, please share with me! xoxo


5 thoughts on “Favorite Things: July”

  1. 1. That top cheerleader group pic. You = EG
    2. It was limes!??!?!?! Stitches?!!?? I need to hear more but I’m so glad you went to a derm.
    3. Those puffy tacos. Every time she mentions them I want to make them. Your pics are so artsy.

  2. Hi Kitty, I made the BBQ tacos last night and they were to die for!!! When I saw the ingredients, I knew it was something right up my alley and almost everything for it was on sale at Publix! Thank you so much for sharing! I always love hearing of people’s favorite things! Hope you are enjoying your summer! Elizabeth Belle (Book)

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