Finding Beauty

As I was talking to a friend yesterday, we had somewhat of an epiphany.

We both love to re-do and re-create. Re-design and re-decorate. She is much more of a professional than I, but as we were talking we came to the conclusion that all this can actually reflect the character of God and glorify Him.

Since the fall of man, God has been in the business of taking a mess and making something beautiful.

He is committed to redeeming lives from the pit.

Aren’t you so glad?

He is committed to completing the good work He has begun in all believers.

Aren’t you so glad?

He is committed to using what Satan meant for evil for His glorious good.

Aren’t you so glad?

So, this week, as our governor has admitted to an affair, as my friend’s husband has left she and her two girls, as 3 Hollywood personalities passed into eternity, as our prayer group gathered to pray for a neighbor who was paralyzed and lost her two children in a car wreck yesterday…we can still know that God will someday, somehow create beauty amidst the mess.

All these thoughts came about as we’ve been–of course–remodeling. Attempting to make beauty from a MESS!!

Here is a glimpse of some recent beautifying that I did with a sweet, sweet student named Becca. She and her boyfriend, Craig (who came on Greek Summit with us), are so dear to us.

Becca had seen the vanity we re-did and when she heard a friend was kicking these jewels to the curb she decided to make beauty from the mess.


shabby chic 013

shabby chic 012


shabby chic 010

shabby chic 015

shabby chic 019

shabby chic 025

And After:

shabby chic 034

shabby chic 030


shabby chic 035

It’s a great spiritual analogy for what God does in our heart when He transfers our sin onto Christ and Christ’s righteousness onto us! (At least it’s a great analogy after hours of paint fumes. Hope that makes sense to all you in the blogosphere! :))

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