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I just returned home from a yummy little Pampered Chef party that’s got my nesting juices flowing… who knew you could use their products to cook an entire chicken in 30 minutes? A Chocolate Lava cake in 10 minutes? Who knew?

I DID stick to the budget Joel set for me as he left town yesterday… However, I AM looking on ebay for the same miraculous piece of life-changing cookware that I saw at the party! :)

All that silly fluff to say, that hospitality has been a topic I have thought a lot about over the past year.

Since college, I’ve enjoyed trying to come up with creative reasons to host parties at my house.  When I moved to Charlotte, I discovered that so many girls my age felt isolated and nomadic during their post-college years.  My hope has always been to help people connect and become friends. Whether it was a “Southern Charm Party” a “Tacky Christmas Sweater Party” or a VERY silly “Valentine’s Day Party”, my roommate Alison and would always have such a blast at these mixers! (Need to go dig up some hilarious photos from these shindigs…)

Now that Joel and I have settled into our life in Columbia, (and thankfully Joel loves to host), and my desire to have people in our home has really begun to blossom. What stands in my way is our very abnormal/psycho schedule…a food budget…and my love of “downtime” when we aren’t “on”. These barriers were highlighted when I attended a seminar about hospitality. A staff woman who wrote the book and blog titled, “Entertaining for Eternity” shared the difference between Entertaining and Hospitality. Do you know what the difference is?

She explained that an entertainer says, “Come, let me impress you with me, my house and my domestic skills.” While the hospitable one says, “Come, see how we live real life and how we worship the King amidst the craziness of life.”

She told some hilarious stories of life on staff with Crusade in DC where they minister to ambassadors, prime ministers, etc. and how her husband would bring people over unannounced all the time…and how this was a wonderful entry way to the Gospel engaging people’s hearts and minds!

It’s given me a lot of “food for thought”, pun intended, as I think through how I can use our home to be a haven for the world…from the world.

My friend at Reluctant Entertainer has mentored me via her blog as she daily shares about giving the gift of hospitality to others. She quotes the great writer Henri Nouwen, as he describes hospitality as “a central attitude of the minister who wants to make his own wounded condition available to others as a source of healing.”

So, flatter me…leave a comment on how you find ways to overcome schedule, financial and energy limitations to offer healing to the outside world!

Also, I’m going to try RE’s index card idea…if you’ve ever come to our house for a meal, what did we serve? I’m trying to recall some sweet memories!

3 thoughts on “Flatter Me…”

  1. I’ve definitely been to your house for meals!
    I believe my first ever was Easter dinner 2008, my freshman year. We had a delicious spread and Sarah brought banana pudding which was my first time eating that.. Then I proceeded to ferociously dominate the Reeses egg hunt :)
    Since then there have been a few meals out together (Devine Foods, end of summer about to begin sophomore year) and some dinners with Jaime and Lindsey, I believe we tried Mexican food that night? Dessert parties, and most recently the sweet get-together following the baptism right before I left Columbia.. those gooey 7-layer type bars were AMAZING!! I love your cooking, your entertaining, AND your hospitality. Can’t wait to pick up where we left off!

  2. Hey girl! just came across your blog (again… I think I’ve been here before, but it’s been a while!) Obviously this is an old post but I wanted to comment b/c this is something Schub and I have become passionate about too! I went on a women’s retreat on hospitality where the speaker had gone to culinary school in Ireland and taught classes at William Sonoma, but she said over and over that hospitality is sharing yourself and your time with someone – not showing off your home or your cooking skills. Anyway, one thing Schub and I have started trying to do is plan Sunday-after-church meals enough for a few more people to join us. That way if we get talking with someone after church or meet a visitor, we can invite them over spontaneously and continue visiting over lunch in our home. If not, than we have leftovers for a few days. Also – a few budget saving tips are to find yummy meals without meat (hard to do for dudes, but meat is usually the most expensive part of a meal), and to buy types of chicken other than breast. Okay… sorry this was long. Wish I could just hang out with you and talk instead! Miss you girl.

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