Free Christmas Cards!

May I ask, what happened to August, September, October or November? Somehow it’s already December! My goal was to be “wrapped and done by December 1” and after a few more items arrive via Ebates and Amazon, all the gifts will be ready to go.

I wanted to have it all taken care of early this year so we could maximize both our budget and our time. For me, the more time I give to shopping, the more $grand ideas$ I come up with. My hope this year was to stick to the budget and leave the remainder of the month for time with friends and time spent worshiping the KING!

We’ve already received 14 Christmas cards and I am STILL trying to decide what we want to do about ours…(above is ours from last year)

I mean how many pictures do people REALLY need of us? But, I can’t resist the offer of 50 free cards for anyone who blogs about the offer! We shall see…our precious friend Ella is snapping a few shots of us tomorrow!

If your planning on it, but haven’t ordered cards yet, you might take advantage of this deal.

I love THIS card design and really love square cards right now!

I’ll be right back for a fun Thanksgiving post :)

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