Freebie Friday!

Chip Oglesby is last week’s winner!!! Chip, our fantastic neighbor, won last week’s trivia contest and will receive the new Steven Curtis Chapman CD. (The answer to how many people we have in and out of our home on a weekly basis was: 28!)

This week I kind of wanted to expose a hidden addiction that the Hurdle’s have…only our closest friends and family know that we love finding trash on the side of the road and turning it into treasure. :)

If you can guess which item came from the side of the road you will win a Starbucks gift card.





Mostly we refurbish the items to sell on, (just sold an old framed picture from the side of the road on Craigslist for $25!!), but, sometimes we adorn our “Shabby Meets Classy Southern” home too. Leave us a comment with your guess and you could be a winner!

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  1. :)Glad Kynn has seen them now! We just sold those 2 old bar chairs on craigslist for $20!!!! We are loving it!!

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