Fridays at Noon

I have had such a fun new addition to my usual schedule this semester!

Every Friday afternoon about 12 girls gather for our “Greek Leadership Ladies” Bible study. We have a Tuesday night Leadership Bible study led by our intern, Shelley, but it got so big we had to split it this semester and I have gotten to lead half of the lovely ladies.

It has been the joy of my semester to study Galatians (using Tim Keller’s resources) with them and to see the Word renew their minds and hearts. They do such a good job opening up about what God’s done in their lives (9 out of the 12 have started walking with the Lord while in college!) and how they need to be held accountable. They have been committed to praying for each other and even to memorizing Scripture!

They are really wrestling with Galatians and learning so much. What a privilege to spend time with these girls. I am so proud of them for giving their Friday afternoons to invest in God’s Word and in community with each other! Praise!

*Garner Leigh, if you’re reading this, we NEED you in our next pic! :)*

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