G-O-S-P-E-L & A Giveaway!

Last night was another amazing time of seeing God work in the lives of hundreds of college students! Our students did such a wonderful job of planning and executing this large-scale outreach. A precious girl named Ashley shared her testimony and Jack Easterby enthusiastically shared


He clearly and compellingly shared the amazing work of Christ on the cross and many responded! (We think about 12 students surrendered their lives to Christ!)

Not only that, but there was a guy from Palestine who randomly came in because he was on the soccer field and heard/saw the crowd and the speaker. He wandered into the Kappa Kappa Gamma house and sat in on the meeting. Afterward, he approached Jack and said, “I am a devout Muslim, but I think what you said tonight was the Truth. Could you come outside and talk to all my people who are playing soccer?” So, Jack and he talked about Christ for over an hour and tonight, Jack and his precious wife, Holly, are having all the guys over for dinner!!

How amazing that a random Palestinian would be in America, would be at USC, would leave a soccer game to see what the fuss is all about and would be captivated by the message of Christ…to be continued!! And photos to come really soon!

**Round 2 of Paper Sunday’s journal giveaway is officially open! I am so excited to have another blog-friend win one of Kara’s beautifully personalized journals with daily Scripture. It’s been fun getting to know Kara. I know you will love winning one of her journals!

Leave a comment below and be entered to win!

11 thoughts on “G-O-S-P-E-L & A Giveaway!”

  1. So excited about what is happening at Carolina! All praise to Jesus! About those journals: I need a commission. I have just received my order and they are so adorable, I took them to work and showed everyone before I even wrapped them as gifts. Have sat down and helped 3 people order RIGHT THEN, with many more planning to order before Christmas! Cannot tell you how excited I am to GIVE them as gifts. They will really encourage your friends and family!

  2. Praise God!

    Since that comment is too short to be published by the blog Ill say I love those journals!!!!

  3. That is so beautiful! I’m so thankful to hear about how God is just pulling those in to know Jesus! And I would love to win one of those beautiful notebooks! Enter me! :)

  4. Kitty you are awesome and I’ve been praying for Greek Impact at Carolina. We have our second Greek Impact at Georgia Tech Oct. 19 and prayers would be great!! Also CRU interns love journals!! Especially free ones!!

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