Greek Summit 2014

The other moms at the elementary school looked at me with question marks as I talked about packing up our life and taking our kids out of school a month early. But to me (and 12,000 other Campus Crusade for Christ missionaries) it’s totally “normal” to relocate for the summer and join college students on a summer adventure of experiencing Christ and expressing Him to the world.

This summer our family joined some of the top leaders on the college campus on a summer project called Greek Summit! It’s one part missions trip, one part theology and Christian leadership training and all parts intense fun in the context of community.


What started 16 years ago with 12-15 students has now reached it’s all-time high attendance of 94 students and 30 staff! DSC_0139

Students come to Greek Summit from various points in their spiritual jouney, but all desiring to know God in a deeper way and have a personal ministry in their sphere of influence. This year we saw unprecedented repentance and surrender. For confidentiality sake, I won’t say much more than that, but holy moly it was powerful to see the student’s lives be turned upside down by the beauty of the Gospel.

One of my favorite quotable moments was walking by a girl talking loudly on her phone (she was on our front porch, so I wasn’t totally eavesdropping). She was sweetly sharing with a parent or maybe a best friend, and said, “Before I came here I thought I was totally fine. But since I have been here I have seen that I am a complete mess and in total need of Jesus to rescue me from stuff I didn’t even realize was sin. It’s like I thought I was so good, but really I am so bad… but in the best way possible!” #winning


I was able to lead two training times for the students on two of my favorite topics- “How to Share Your Faith” and “How to Lead a Bible Study”. (If you want my notes, I’ll gladly email them!) And I got to help coordinate our Women’s Times each week. We also had a blast homeschooling each day. We seriously loved it. Ole EG is seriously reading, D-man rocking 1st Grade in review and BOTH learned to swim!

Joel was the amazing behind-the-scenes super hero who made all the morning classes happen. This was a fun change of pace for him, but he worked his tail off. He also got to disciple several staff and students and got to train the students on “Having a Plan for Your Ministry” DSC_0252By the end of the 3 weeks we were amazed by these Jesus-loving students who are fired up and ready to take the light of Christ to their Greek Houses, the darkest places on the college campus! IMG_2141

We love working with these students at Ole Miss! Go Rebs!IMG_2345

What a gift this Summer Project was to our family and will be to the Kingdom for years to come! IMG_2347We will spend the remainder of the summer support-coaching interns and new staff, as well as doing some ministry partner development ourselves. Also, we will get to facilitate summer ministry in Oxford and seek God for direction for reaching another freshmen class here in the Fall! Woohoo!

5 thoughts on “Greek Summit 2014”

  1. I would love to see your notes on leading a Bible study and sharing your faith. I started my first Bible study in my home about 2 months ago and am all ears for suggestions and pointers. Any advice on how to keep momentum moving on a topic without getting bogged down in the weeds in stories and areas that are more equipped for a counselor? I want to make sure the women feel supported in the group and heard, but I also know it pulls others away. Thanks!

  2. I’m so glad you guys had a “normal” summer assignment – and summer hasn’t even started yet!

    Back to the post, this phrase stuck out “stuff I didn’t even realize was sin”. It’s so true. That’s one of the things I most miss bout being on project. Those ah-ha moments like that. Praise the Lord for Greek Summit!

  3. Each time I read a description of Greek Summit, my heart soars with the excitement of what God is going to do in the long run. Yes, kids experienced tremendous truths about themselves, and how they can share the Gospel, as well as create powerful teams with other student leaders,…..and then they get to campus. ….and the Spirit cuts loose and rumblings of revival burst into flames!
    I still think I want to attend with you all one summer.
    Calm my stirred heart,

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