Greetings From the Wonderful World of Seminary

Welp, we officially have one week of classes under out belt. Shew! These classes are not a joke. We are taking Old Testament Survey, Biblical Interpretation and Biblical Communication. Joel is thinking of adding one more. This front-row turned back-row girl sure ain’t.

It’s been really fun being here. We weren’t sure if we would hear any adoption news while we were down here, (which we haven’t :( waiting for 2 more signatures!!) so we asked for an apartment vs. staying in the dorms (read between the lines, I basically didn’t want to do communal bathrooms). It’s so great to have our own space with a full kitchen!

One trip to Goodwill and we were feeling right at home.

Compared to some of the summer housing we have enjoyed…this is a major step up for us!

Winter Park is awesome. Beautiful lakes, great eateries, a fun farmer’s market, SPANISH MOSS HANGING EVERYWHERE, what more do you need??  The campus is especially beautiful. We LOVE it here.

We recently scored the Craigslist deal of a lifetime on 2 practically-brand-new mountain bikes that we purchased for $45! We have really been enjoying that mode of site-seeing. I will say, I had a wreck my first day riding to class…I flattened a yard sign and skidded away from a car. Then today, Tropical Storm Debby and I had a few words, but otherwise it has taken about an hour of class-walking time off our lives and a few calories off our thighs!

We’ve got #seminaryswagger, if I don’t say so myself.

So, if you need to know the topography of Mesopotamia, the themes and outlines of each Old Testament book or need a crash course in Hermeneutics, just give us a shout. Hopefully, after some exams and papers get turned in this weekend, blogging will be more of a fun pastime in my life.

Until then, Shalom to all you citizens of the New Covenant! :)

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