Holiday Highlights

If I had to sum up the end of 2013 with a photo or two, I’d probably share these…
017018Yep. Fierce and fun. That about sums it up.

BUT since you VOLUNTARILY stopped by this web site, I’ll take the liberty of sharing a slew of our Holiday highlights.


On the way to my parent’s for Thanksgiving, we stopped to see our dear friends the Dando’s on the Dando family farm in Virginia. You’ve never seen 5 kids get along so well or have so much fun. The adults stayed up way past their bedtimes laughing and talking too! 490 496 507 513 519 523

Country roads took us home to West Virginia and we had an amazing time playing with GrandB and Grampy, Aunt Sass, Uncle Jeff and Cousin Lydia.
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It doesn’t get much more fun than playing in the snow with your grandparents. Unless it’s shoe shopping with Aunt Sass…IMG_1199

We had “Christmas at Calvert’s Castle” since it was our year to be in MS for Christmas. It was a blast. Clearly. 139

If I didn’t have an adoption certificate to prove it, you couldn’t convince me that these two didn’t share the same DNA…they got the same sass gene for sure.155194200206 217

Who knew that sledding when there was less snow on the ground would make for even more fun? D clearly knew because he got us all outside for another few runs down the hill. 261 287 289 290 298 304 308

091 354355364366367373313314315317319333family

We had such an incredible time with my family. What a gift and a blessing.


We celebrated our boy several more times this month. He is one  Batman, football, outdoor fun loving 7-year-old boy.
486 493 497

We had a crazy time putting our tree up. We may go ahead and let the adults do that next year. staff team pic dec13 (1)

Our CRU Staff Christmas party was a blast. Dirty Santa and Christmas Carol charades brought lots of laughs to our staff family. And speaking of Christmas parties, our friends were so kind to include the new kids on the block to their annual parties in Oxford.IMG_4263 IMG_4266 IMG_9605We spent a time wrapping up the semester on campus and enjoying some time to settle into our first Christmas in our new home. There were movie nights, game nights and nights just sitting on the couch snuggled up reading library books.


There were school programs…013


There were about 3 nights with lots of snuggling, but no heat…032

There were more deer slayed…055IMG_1300

And lots of football played. 117

We did Christmas at Gigi and Hawk’s and had a deliriously fun time. First tradition up? A Christmas Eve Party at Sugar and Sweetie’s. 
040044033 031

Every Christmas Eve they pack Gigi’s whole side of the family into Sugar and Sweetie’s house for lots of food, funny games and a powerful Christmas message. It’s such a fun tradition.The kids were asleep before we even got home and we all woke up Christmas morning at Gigi and Hawk’s to read the Christmas story, eat sausage balls, etc. and open presents.

091073 074

There were lots of “this is what I always wanted” moments. It was positively precious.068 058 055

EG inherited the bunk beds that Hawk and the bedding that Sweetie had made Aunt Heather & Aunt Holly years ago.

168160152D got REAL football pads and a REAL bow and arrow. He said with seriousness and intensity, “It’s exactly what I wished for and I thank God.” We were dying.130Joel and I didn’t even look at our gifts until our cheeks were aching from smiling at our little ones in the thick of their excitement. It was such a special morning. I must have been blacked out last Christmas, because it’s all a blur…might have had something to do with getting the kids about 3 months prior. Which is why I am beyond excited about this being a year of curating our family and ministry moments.


Here’s to a new year of following Him and loving them!

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  1. I cannot tell you how much I loved going through all these. I am soooooo thankful for the calendar which captured some fabulous memories. Thanks for always having your camera ready. As I have said a zillion times, the pictures help me not to feel so far away from you all. (Tear).
    I love you, love you, love you!

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