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Our journey through infertility, foster care and adoption is never something we would have chosen for ourselves, but it’s one we are thankful the Lord has allowed. We are glad to share our story with others. In fact, it brings great hope and comfort to meet and talk with couples who are in the thick of it.

God’s plans for building families is still something we wrestle with personally.  If there’s any way we can minister to you or connect honestly with others who join us in the sorrow and joy of trusting a sovereign God, we want to.

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If you feel comfortable reaching out, do so, but we know sometimes it’s just too much and too personal. So, here are the posts I’ve written about about infertility and start here for posts about adoption. Our prayer is they are comforting and helpful in centering your heart on Christ.

Also, I host an online community that ministers to women walking through infertility. Please email me or click JOIN MY INFERTILITY BOOK CLUB to learn more. I hope to hear from you and I am praying for you.

Dear Lord, 

I want to pray for my friend who is struggling with your plan for her. She’s probably filled with anger, sadness, frustration and doubt. Lord, would you give her an awareness of your Presence? It’s the only thing that comforts an aching soul. I pray that she would catch a glimpse of your divine providence working all things together for her good and help her be able to rest in the messiness of her feelings knowing that You are still good even when you don’t feel good. Help her have the hope of Christ and the counsel of your Spirit. In Jesus’ Name, Amen. 

6 thoughts on “Infertility & Adoption”

  1. I am leaving a comment because of your beautiful family picture. We have in infertility story of our own and we adopted a girl and a boy into our family. Of course I have always wanted more, but as we get into our forties it has been harder to get our family out there to be considered for adoption. I have come to peace with having the two wonderful children we do have. Thanks for sharing your story.

  2. I came here looking for menus I could freeze and eat later. I saw your link to adoption and infertility. I wanted to say as an adopted child, thank you for deciding to adopt. I was adopted at 6 months old, but my parents had me since I was 4 months. I am now 43 years old. The doctors didnt think I was going to make it since I was only 2lbs at birth. My birth mother and father were really young. My birth mother was not stable and my birth father wanted nothing to do with me. I was adopted by my maternal great aunt and her husband. I have had a great life and I love my parents dearly. Its not who births you, its who is there for everything else. Sadly we lost mom 6 years ago, but I still have dad here with me. I thank God for letting me be adopted by a loving Christian family. Doctors have told me I cannot have children, but maybe someday I will be in a position to adopt as you have. God bless you and you and your family will be in my prayers.


  3. Kitty,

    I came to your blog through a Clemson sorority sister sharing it with me – we were both going through IVF transfers at the time (my 3rd) and your words on infertility and remaining faithful were reflections of my thoughts and prayers throughout this process. Thank you for sharing your journey and heart so well – they are an encouragement!

  4. Joel and Kitty,
    First may I say, “Hotty Toddy” from a Rebel who attended Ole Miss many years ago. My husband and I have also been blessed with the joy of adoption as well as the drawing nearer to God through the struggles with infertility. We thought that infertility was the hardest thing we would go through however God continued to mold us as we entered into the adoption journey through foster care. What a joy it is to have our three children, one adopted and two we are praying to adopt soon. It is also a joy to look back and see the mountains God has brought us over and the valleys He has carried us through. God bless you as you minister to my fellow Rebels. Maybe we could meet if we are ever in Oxford.
    Amy Booth
    Gainesville, GA

  5. It’s so great to hear from you, Amy! Hotty Toddy indeed and prayers for yall. Saw your beautiful family on Instagram and will be praying for the finalization of the adoptions! Let us know if you come to town any time soon! xoxo

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