Once upon a time there were no coffee shops in America. And once upon a time, Howard Schultz went around meeting with individuals and organizations, casting vision and inviting them to become financial investors in a no-name started business called “Starbucks”.

In the same way, we consistently cast vision of the darkness of the college campus and invite individuals, families and organizations to become prayerful and financial investors in our ministry. Our hope is that people who are called into the secular workforce will view us as their personal missionaries and will feel a part of all that God is doing on the college campus.

We long to see spiritual movements everywhere so that everyone knows someone who truly follows Christ, therefore we start with a strategic place…the college campus. College students will be the future leaders of our world. If you reach the college campus today, you will reach the world tomorrow!

We are giving the best 40+ hours of our week to winning students to Christ, building them up in their faith, training them and sending them out into a lifetime of effective ministry. Please prayerfully consider investing in our ministry and reaping a lifetime (plus eternity) of spiritual dividends. Simply click here.






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