Let’s Cook, Columbia!

This week we decided to have an extra special date night.

I have a “30 Before 30” list and one item on that list is to take a cooking class…CHECK!

What was on the menu, you ask? Nothing but our favorite…Italian!

First up, Chef John taught us how to make focaccia bread.

And then an amazing fig salad.

Followed by a really fun fresh pasta-making lesson.

The GM of Harper’s in Five Points got in on the action too!

I don’t think I’d ever tasted fresh pasta. Man, oh man, that is where it’s at.

All the while, working on the Chicken Marsala!

This Chicken Marsala melted in your mouth!!

Speaking of melt in your mouth…so did the…

TIRAMISU!! Italian for “pick me up”, Chef John knocked this dessert out of the park…and it was easy too!!

Don’t you love the individualized servings?

This was one of our favorite date nights. Joel might have enjoyed it even more than I! It was a blast. I highly recommend you check out “Let’s Cook” here in Columbia on Assembly Street!

6 thoughts on “Let’s Cook, Columbia!”

  1. I have been wondering about this place for so long! I’m so glad you tried it out… definitely looking into it! :)

  2. Fun, fun date night! So glad you got to go to a cooking class at last! So when is Joel cooking the homemade pasta?—I want to be invited over that night!

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