Liked It, So I Put a Pin In It

I enjoyed 2 indulgent days at the beach with a friend and her momma this weekend. (Meanwhile my husband back-packed part of the Appalachian Trail with some frat guys. I got the better end of that deal!)

It rained the entire time and it was SOOO relaxing. I read some books, got great sleep and played on Pinterest. I saw this yummy smelling idea that promised to make your house smell like a William Sonoma store, so I used what I had on hand to make my own version and delightfully enjoyed a fresh (read-non-dog-smelling) home all day long!

For my version I used:

  • Lemons that were on the verge of being spoiled.
  • Limes that I had squeezed and used the juice out of.
  • The last of my rosemary from a spice rack I received as a wedding gift, which means it’s past it’s prime.
  • Some tangerines that had gone bad. (Okay, this is sounding nasty, but my fruit bowl completely spoiled while I was out of town this weekend and I couldn’t bear to throw it all away…and then I learned that apples give off a gas that makes the rest of your fruit ripen…as do onions! Produce purchasers beware!)
  • And a teaspoon of vanilla

It smelled amazingggg! I can remember my parents using orange peels and cinnamon sticks which smelled heavenly as well!

So, if after a weekend of rain, your house is smelling a little dank…stick some random fruit and spices in a pot and simmer!


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