Lovey Love

It was very hilarious to see that Cupid threw up at our local grocery today…there were men and helium balloons EVERYWHERE.

I was in the checkout getting stuff for dinner when I saw the *most handsome guy* walking around the flower/card section in deep concentration. It was really funny watching his concentrated effort. Then I accidentally “bumped” into this handsome guy and busted him shopping for ME his Valentine. It made my evening to be a “fly on the wall” during his hunt.

Did I mention that even the meat department got hit with Cupid’s arrow?

Is this hilarious to anyone else? They were ALL arranged to be heart-shaped!

I posted this pic on Joel’s Facebook wall (unbeknown to me that we were in the same store at the same time!) and told him to consider this picture his Valentine’s Day card.

I think he was a little deflated when he got home and saw I was fixing tacos!

He said, “Nothing says romance like tacos!” :)

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