Manly Monday

This summer I had a lot more time on my hands and I used to do themed blog posts. Themes such as “Manly Monday”, “Tightwad Tuesday”, “Whatchacooking Wednesday”, etc. So, in honor of summer being on it’s way….Here’s a Manly Monday post er…Tuesday.

Not only is hubs in the yard right now cutting down ivy that was growing from our yard actually INTO the dining room windows… He was also a little helper to our staff friends. I am so proud of my sweet husband, who learned from his sweet father how to be a fabulous auto mechanic. (Immediately following this post they will both be mad at me b/c they don’t like people drawing attention to their sweet servant’s hearts.)


Merideth and Paul have a fun story on their BLOG about how God provided in fixing their car. Yay! Thanks for being Manly on Monday Tuesday!

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