Many Praises!

Speaking last night was awesome! Those precious little girls were scared out of their minds. Sarah and I explained who we were, what Greek Impact has to offer them and how they can thrive spiritually while in college. Pray for all 1,023 of them to be drawn to the Lord over the next few weeks!

God is already at work! Sarah and David are the coaches of our Impact movement have already heard of 2 students who have trusted Christ through the student leaders initiating conversations on campus…classes haven’t even started yet!!! Praise the Lord for that.

Tonight, I went for coffee with two sweet, sweet sorority girls (one of which tried out for American Idol this summer, the other to be a Fanta girl-got the picture?). They are precious.

After catching up on their summers I asked Tasha, whom I didn’t really know very well, what her spiritual background was. She answered that she had gone to church a few times but didn’t know any Bible stories so is embarrassed to go as an adult.  I empathized with her after sometimes feeling like a lame brain in my seminary classes this summer. She then told me she had begun to read the Bible cover-to-cover. But she said she had questions. Her question mainly was about animal sacrifice. She wanted to know, “am I not a Christian because I am a vegetarian? Because it says that forgiveness of sin is only through the blood of animals. What’s up with that?”

It was a picture perfect transition into why the Old Covenant required ongoing sacrifices to be made and why now we put our faith in the Lamb of God who takes away sins of the world! Praise God for using ANYTHING to begin spiritual conversations. Pray for Tasha to come to know our Perfect Sacrifice!

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