While the work crew was building the deck there were many more tasks being checked off our to-do list! I have some ultra-capable women in my families!

1. Clean off car port (This was the most intense job ever. Mrs. Anita was up to her arms in mud and palmetto bugs!)after pics 056
2. Paint living room (Thank you to mom and Sass!)after pics 039
3.Paint dining roomafter pics 038
4. Trim shrubs (We have very impressive landscaping now…especially when our featured landscaper had never touch a trimmer!)after pics 0855. Paint the light post (Still need to go outside and take an “after” pic)house4 0356. Paint outdoor furniture (I heart spray paint! Thank you for your hard work, Holly!)after pics 027after pics 0287. Organize pantry (Seriously, you couldn’t open the door w/out stuff falling on you. Clean House would now be very impressed. Thanks, Heather!)after pics 0418. Sew curtains for kitchen (My momma did a phenomenal job on these curtains! Cannot wait to hang them! Grandmother would be so proud.)after pics 082

I am obsessed with this fabric!

after pics 092

9. Install counter tops and reinstall garbage disposal (We got a serious deal on counter tops if anyone is in the market for some!)

after pics 08710. Patch and prime the kitchenafter pics 093**And last but not least take a day off. **

Oh, well. That one didn’t really happen as we had hoped…but we have been having fun along the way…

after pics 014

Lots of yummy meals together…

after pics 018

Lots of drink breaks and opportunities to cheer on the work crew…

after pics 047

And lots and LOTS of back rubs…

after pics 065

Most of the reinforcements head out tomorrow.

We are SO SAD. Sad because they are leaving (and sad because we just found major terrmite issues in the “man cave”)! We shall see about that madness. Thankfully, we get to keep Joel’s dad for at least one more day!

Who wants to guess what color we are switching out for the topaz in the kitchen?!? Our fun visitors today got a sneak preview. Thanks for coming over Lorie and Cynthia! What a treat. We love visitors!! xoxo

0 thoughts on “Meanwhile…”

  1. that looks like the same color as our living room and dining room! what color is yours? ours is grant (something?) from benjamin moore!

  2. We were so impressed with all of the work you have done. Love your new home.
    Laurie aka LORIE

  3. Love the new place! Sooooo cute! My favorite feature are the windows in your living room with the shutters! Congrats on such a warm and cozy place!

  4. Kitty, I continue to be so impressed with your home!!! Yellow kitchen? Mine is lime green (SW Tomatillo) and everyone makes fun of it but I love it.
    I adore your curtain fabric!

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