Name That Fried Food

Did I mention the South Carolina State Fair was in town?!?

We took a staff lunch break and headed to the fair for “food”. And when I say “food”…I don’t even know if it can be classified as anything with any sort of nutritional value. For example…

Krispy Kreme Burger anyone?? VOMIT!!

On a yummier note, in honor of the fair, we are going to play “Name That Fried Food Item”.

This was actually a tasty delicacy. Leave us a comment guessing what you think this is a fried version of!

The winner will receive a fantabulous surprise. (It’s a surprise b/c I am still waiting to hear who wants to sponsor a giveaway :) ) But it will be awesome, no doubt.

12 thoughts on “Name That Fried Food”

  1. i know several people who ate the doughnut burger (then regretted it) but I would think that it’s a friend reese’s cup.

  2. My name is not “Anne”. This is your Mother, Beth, and if I am right I want the prize. Pleae don’t give it to Anne.

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