When You Need To Break The Ice

Joel and I spoke at Florida State University’s Greek Conference last weekend and we had such a great time getting to know those students. I got to operate in my sweet spot and helped plan the women’s time on Saturday night.
I wanted girls to open up and share about the issue that plagues all women–comparison!!! It was a wonderful night, but what got the party started was my current favorite way to break the ice with a medium to large-size group. It’s a fun game I like to call, “Laps.” It’s simple, puts no one on the spot and makes everyone laugh. And it transitioned beautifully to talking about comparison because it’s just questions about yourself!
Next time you need to get a group talking and getting to know each other, try out this game!
When You Need To Break The Ice

How To Play:

Have everyone sit in a circle or forms two circles if there are more than 20 people.  Ask a series of “yes” or “no” questions that are tailored to your group (or use my generic list below). If the people in the circle can answer “yes” to the question you asked, then they move one seat to their right. If their answer is”no”, then they stay seated…even if that means a pile-up of people starts to form…on their lap!
The object of the game is to be the first one back to your seat to win a prize. It’s pretty fun.

Sample Questions:

  1. Have you traveled outside the country?
  2. Have you broken a bone?
  3. Did you make your bed today?
  4. Can you do 15 push-ups with out stopping?
  5. Have you ever eaten frog legs?
  6. Do you have a dog?
  7. Have you lied about your age?
  8. Are you from ______?
  9. Can you do a cartwheel?
  10. Do you have a crush right now?
  11. Have you done an internship?
  12. Do you follow Taylor Swift on Insta?
  13. Have you ever been chased by the police?
  14. Is your hair in a ponytail?
  15. Do you play a musical instrument?
  16. Do you have a tattoo?
  17. Have you ever skydived?
  18. Are you an aunt?
  19. Are you left-handed?
  20. Does your birthday month end in a “Y”?
  21. Can you speak a foreign language?
  22. Are you a night owl?
  23. Do you drink coffee?
  24. Have you had a meltdown this week?
  25. Do you have a little brother?
  26. Have you met someone famous?
  27. Do you wear a size 7 shoe or larger?
  28. Did you fail your first driver’s test?
  29. Have you gotten stood up for an appt this week?
  30. Are you a twin?
  31. Have you hugged someone today?
  32. Are you wearing tennis shoes?
  33. Have you gotten a parking ticket this month?
  34. Are you the only girls in your family?
  35. Do you have unread text messages right now?
  36. Do you have piercings? (earrings count)
  37. Have you been to the dentist in the past 6 months?
  38. Have you ever ridden a motorcycle?
  39. Do you wax your eyebrows?
  40. Do you have a Mac computer?
  41. Do you have more than one roommate?
  42. Have you gone to a concert this year?
  43. Do you have a blog?
  44. Have you read a book so far in 2016?
  45. Can you drive a stick shift?
  46. Did you play high school sports?
  47. Do you have blonde hair?
  48. Have you had braces?
  49. Are you dating anyone right now?
  50. Have you run a 5K, half or full marathon?

Do you have any gatherings coming up? I’d love to hear about how you draw people together and what you do when you need you break the ice!

When You Need To Break The Ice

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