This weekend OCD stands for Obsessive Craft Disorder.

That’s right. Joel is on his annual man-cation with college friends. And I am home alone…don’t get me wrong. I am missing him like crazy. But there’s something about a little introversion time that does the soul some good.

My house currently looks like Martha Stewart got held up by a glue gun, tripped over Paula Deen and landed on Emily Post. Being home alone on a long weekend makes me want to turn into some sort of domestic goddess?!?

It started with a trip to my favorite Farmer’s Market with Merideth. We enjoyed the sites, the sounds and oh-my-oh-my, the tastes.

Goat Cheese Stuffed French Toast with a Berry Compote with a side of Quiche and a slice of cantelope! Thank you, Pawley’s Front Porch food truck.

We grabbed a fresh squeezed lemonade and headed to pick up some produce from a co-op and then on to the Creative Sewing Center (cue Martha). I tend to get a little overwhelmed by stores that are filled with objects, tools and utensils that I don’t know how to work. My worst nightmare is Lowes.

Okay, so I am inundated by all the sewing notions and mutter to Merideth, “I do not understand this store.” Much to my embarrassment Martha herself the precious owner of the store overheard me and in her Southern sweet tea accent said, “Oh honey, 99% of the time I don’t understand it either. Come on, let me help you!!” Before I could blink, I was registered for a sewing class and was drooling over million dollar monogramming machines.

Our next stop was “Marpy’s Thrift Store”. It’s a new addition to “the strip” on Highway 1 which is nothing but junky thrift stores and Bojangles.

Mer and I had never been there, so we pillaged. We decided my .50 find was the deal of the day…

I am obsessed with blue hard-back books. Especially ones with clever titles. I have no idea why, other than when I was a little girl I bought this one and am always on the lookout.

We stopped by one other antique store where Mer spied her circa 1989 comforter from K-mart priced at $110. Like I said…nothing but junky, overpriced thrift stores. But, just like today, occasionally, you will find a rose among the thorns.

We had had quite the morning and Mer dropped me off. I had some vegan lunch and then broke out my in-home sweat shop.

First project: Isaiah Precepts Class Colored Pencil Pouches

One for me and one for Brittany, a former student and special b-day girl, who is taking the Isaiah Precept Class with me too!

Second project: Bikini Killer Cookies

These are some of the yummiest and actually prettiest cookies I have ever made! (I add a cup of oatmeal and leave the dough in the fridge for a while so it hardens up!!)

Third Project: Yarn Wreath

Fourth Project: Football Door Decor

Even though the Rebs lost this weekend, this should serve as a nice “Welcome Home” for the sweet boy.

Fifth Project: Finish reading through the Bible in a year before I turn 30. Headed to enjoy some Lamentations right now!!! :)

*Please note the hyperlinks for each craft…I am not uber-creative. I am merely a resourceful copy-cat.

5 thoughts on “OCD”

  1. so cute, Kitty! I love all of your little projects :) The wreath turned out super cute – debating about making one at our lake weekend!

  2. Oh, such a fun and productive weekend! Great job on the money management and time management to produce such clever crafts! Love them! Wish I had been there, too.

  3. WOW!!! You have worn me out. I thought I was the one who won the prize for domestication this weekend, BUT girl you covered some much territory! I only cooked so things wouldn’t rot.
    Last week’s art was to have a ministry board ready for the Ministry Fair next weekend and I swear that was one of the things that put me into the irregular heartbeat!
    We need to show this to Grandmother Lawson when we see her next. She will be so proud of you!!!

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