One down, One to go!

If you have been following our blog this summer, you know that we have two summer assignments. The first, Greek Summit, was a total blessing for us and for our students. We are excited to share this highlight video with you! Pray for our students to continue to walk with the Lord this summer and for a lifetime!


Next, we will be heading out to Colorado to take seminary classes and be a part of the staff conference!

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  1. Any idea who sang the songs and what the titles are? This video is representative of what is being said in our new “Kingdom” series at RC3. I am sharing it with Scott.

  2. The first one I will have to check on…I think it’s just called Marvelous Light. You can search it on Itunes and see what artists sing it. It’s just a praise song that alot of artists have done. The last is “That Others May Live” by Brian Adams. So happy you liked it!! xoxo

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