Our “Library Room”

Please raise your hand if you live in a home built sometime around 1950.

Please keep your hand raised if that sweet little home has this awkwardly big hallway/atrium area where the old furnace used to be.

While you will get beautiful transom windows above all your doors…you will be stuck with the awkwardly big hallway/atrium and a giant hole in the floor where the furnace used to be. 

In our walk-through, (photo above-doesn’t show quite how big the area is…it’s about 8ft. by 7ft.) I mentioned to Joel how awesome it would be to turn this space into our “library room” (a.k.a. hallway with a bookshelf).

Here’s the process leading up to our now completed “Library Room”!

Okay, please forgive my husband’s offensive frat shirt. He says, “what better shirt to ruin?”


Here it is now!

I love the molding up top. It looks like it’s always been a part of the house!

P.S. It is very difficult to fit all your ministry/seminary/fun books fit onto one bookshelf.

All re-styling suggestions are welcomed.

Thanks, Joel, for a beautiful transformation of our hallway area!!

6 thoughts on “Our “Library Room””

  1. love it kitty…i think me, you, joel and christopher are all related in our love for house projects! haha!

  2. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THAT! I have always wanted a house big enough to have built in book shelves to contain my obsession with books! ;) Joel is so flippin’ talented! You’re really blessed to have a handyman! :P

  3. Oh, I so hope to see your home in person one day! Love the phone “hole” too.

    Refreshed a bunch and can’t see second two pics. Sad face.

    Maybe it’s my computer that hates your blog…

  4. Joel, you did a great job on the book shelf. What can I say? You were taught by the best! Love you, Dad

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