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You know that feeling when your entire life’s about to change and there’s nothing you can do to stop it? Well, every year, thousands of 18-year-olds flood the college campus, on their own for the first time and faced with the decisions of,

“What will I study?”

“Who will be my friends?”

“Where will I find my identity?”

“What will my mission in life be?”

The goal of our lives and ministry is to be the warm, welcoming faces who point each of these students to Christ during their 4 years in college. We do this in three ways:

  1. Sharing the good news of Jesus through one-on-one conversations and outreaches.
  2. Building students up in their faith through Bible studies, discipleship, leadership development and conferences.
  3. Sending students into the workforce and mission field to go and make disciples during summers and after graduation.

We saw God bring about revival during our years serving at the University of South Carolina and we are praying the same as we labor here at the University of Mississippi. Please pray that every Ole Miss Rebel will have multiple chances to hear and receive the good news about Jesus during their time in college. Pray that God will use us as we lead and shepherd the team of Cru staff here in Oxford.

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  1. Joel and kitty, Im looking for uplifting scriptures that aren’t to long. Im making a Christmas gift with this. Would you have any scriptures that might work for me? Thanks in advance. Chelsea. p.s Im new to your blog and I love it

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