Our Summer Home

Normally, CCC staff live in the dorms or in pre-arranged off campus apartments. But, to save money we found a little basement apartment on Craigslist and have been so grateful for our little palace. There are some humorous points about our humble little abode. Wish you could see it in person!!

Well, last summer we wrote of our sleeping arrangementsin Kyrgzystan–a 5 foot 4 inch bed.Kyrgyz 138

This summer we have upgraded to a full bed with suitcases and pillows stacked in the corner…


So that a Queen air mattress can go on top! Oh how I laugh at my engineer…


The key on how to sleeping on an air mattress for 5 weeks you ask? Don’t fill it to capacity. A little give in the mattress feels much better. We have officially slept straight thru the night 3 times since we have been here… But we aren’t waking up to the call to prayer and 100 degrees so we are happy!


Here you have our lovely kitchen. Color scheme: red, purple and gray.


And our bathroom which we are grateful that it has hot water on call! This time: purple, yellow and gray.

There you have it, folks! Greetings from our happy little home. Off to New Testament Survey Class! We have a test today!

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