Sunday’s Coming!

I love this sermon and I love this song.

Before Easter Sunday, we were all functionally orphans only hoping for a Messiah…and now He has come.

He has conquered death.

He has paid the penalty of my sin.

He has chosen me, adopted me, included me in His family.

He has summoned me by name…I am his! ~Isaiah 43:1 I am my beloved’s and He is mine!

I am no longer an orphan. I am HIS! Ephesians 1


We are about to be an empty-nesters…

All the little freshmen who we fell in love with about 4 years ago are now seniors!! And though God has done transformational miracles in their lives and though they are ready to go out in to the Harvest with the Gospel, we are SO sad to see them go.

More on their unique salvation stories and their future callings soon. Just a video for now!

Join us on our wild adventure of following Him & loving them!